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And if my weapon is a boss weapon that only upgrades to 5+? does it scales the same way so that in smouldering lake i can already have my weapon maxed out?
Weapons that max out at +5 act the same as regular weapons but x2. So one of those weapons is +2, it counts as +4, if its +5 its counted as +10.
Are these levels still good in 2019?
I'm SL 90 in NG and getting tons of summons in archdragon peak and grand archives
Can i trust this in 2019-09-26 ?


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They are good but a lot of the estimates are a bit too low/high. For most of these ranges, you can actually invade those areas like 10 levels higher and up to about 20 levels lower than what it says here, with a +- 1 or 2 difference to the listed weapon level as well (important to note the word MOST here, for the really low levels areas this page is pretty exact). I think these brackets are guidlines based on specific cutoffs and stuff, and could probably get you the most consistent invasion but they are not cut and dry.
just play the game normally you'll be around or more than these levels
From what I encountered, pontiffs is the best place also the bonfire before that, Wear either a way of blue so players your lvl will be summoned to you from another location, also u can be a sentinal (same thing but reverse) also a blade of dark moon which also reacts as a summon sign from a distance, just keep faith and have patience, I'm at all 181 and at pontiffs with ng ++ and I'm getting it pretty good so maybe you guys ain't putting your signs in the right place, or fully max your weapons your equipping, so try this out and let the world know the proof
From what I've encountered this chart is no longer accurate. It seems like players are more active with lower soul levels in each area. My rough estimate is that people are more around 10 levels lower than what the chart says in each area.
Catacombs felt easier than both Cathedral and Farron
Can i clear Untended Graves, loot everything, kill everything, and still link the fire?
Yes, you can.