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Some Millwood Knights have a sort of large passive heal even without Shield equiped. Namely I encountered this during Millwood towers archers. It was over 8hp per tick, I imagine its so the tower is taken manually from within. The passive heal was heavily reduced after agro in Melee range happened. Lastly, take advantage of concealment; Spook, Slumbering Ring, Etc and use your Bow to draw agro safely. If you run in or draw Wolf/archer at the same time it's obviously going to be abit rough.
"large passive heal" Yeah. I discovered this when I tried using poison on the tower archers doing a low SL raid into AoA to get a few certain items. That large passive heal seems to stop once they actually leave the tower to chase you after aggroing them inside.
Holy***** were these guys annoying, I retried the tower bit more times than I can count. And how the hell are they weak to frost and strong to fire?! Who would ever figure that out?
You don't have to figure anything out. That's why people smarter and more dedicated than you test for damage types and put it on the wiki so you can feel like you don't suck so much.
- Have tons of health - Their attacks can mostly eat your entire health - Most of the time gank you just like Harald fat knight - Only drop*****ty titanite shards most of the time - Drop only small amount of souls despite being tough enemy Fighting those guys aren't really worth at all, at least they work using rapport. Along side that corvian quill knights and wolves, this dlc literally have the worst enemies i've ever encountered, most of the enemies aren't fun at all to fight..
At least the melee Millwood Knights are ez pz to parry.
This entire DLC is a package of dissapointment. instead of interesting enemies and fights it all comes down to "To make this difficult we put there 2 or more of them" Its not difficult its annoying. these knights can be easily disposed and they knew it so their anwser? make a pit full of them with one of the buggers constantly using earthquake to mess with you. It screams laziness and dont get me even started on the bugs where the knights just sometimes vanish into the atmosphere or are devoured by the ground to the depths of hell. just to later "teleports behind u"
The DLC is amazing, go have a wank and off to bed with you little baby man.
You only have to fight 2 once (still they can be separated). Still unfair, though.
Rapport the shield knight and the hammer knight, then aggro the axe knight and kite him to them. The axe knight will kill the other two most likely, but they'll take a solid amount of his health out.
These guys remind me of the raider from for honor
Hate these *****ers. Don’t give you many openings so your best bet is to parry. Unfortunately they have a huge range of attacks all with drastically different timing, making parrying them extremely difficult. And the one with the double headed axe has a charging attack that stun locks you before he even swings making it impossible to parry.
iik what youre talking about man, I backstob these guys so easy you just have to stafe to the side on certain moves (like 3 different options of their 5-6 move sets) and they're down in two backstabs and a heavy attack.
Hardest enermy I've found , spent about 4 hour but cant beat their tower. I give up.
A lot of anger in the comments about these ones. I personally think their infinitely better than crow knights. They hit harder but have slower attacks that mix naturally with the speed and stamina of our character but the crows spam attacks to no end and it never feels natural dodging to the point you barely have stamina left to retaliate. Millwood knights > crow knights. One designed with the characters abilities taken seriously, the other designed to troll the***** out of the unkindled ones
I think the problem people have with these guys is that there's almost always more than one in each encounter, whereas you only have one or two instances of Corvian Knights fighting you at the same time. In each case, Rapport is a recipe for a fun betting time.
This mob is the definition of bull*****and one of the main reasons this dlc is so garbage. Everything about them if a mistake : parry frames, poise, damage, stats, animations, placements in the levels. Everything is bad with this mob. i wish cancer on every single mildwood knight of this *****ing joke dlc.
Have you like... maybe tried fighting them differently?... they give me no issues. Ima guess they killed you less than 5 times and that makes them the worst thing ever. Cry elsewhere noob.
Git Gud Scrub
Use Rapport. You have to make sure the ones you want dead are aggroed to you so that the others will attack them, but if one rapport isn't enough hit two of them and they'll take the third Axe-wielding one down.
Ledge + greatbow = victory