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There should have been a reference with this. Giving this a Blessed infusion should have make it Simon's Whip, and a Chaos infusion should make it Trevor's Whip
Update: I totally butchered my grammar and I'm sorry
It's cool
My main account is Simon Belmont and I rock the whip exclusively. How have l never thought to make it a Blessed Whip... I am a fool.
leon's whip* and the other guy is called ralph not trevor
I recommend to anyone to try to beat the whole game with the whip, It's a lot of fun.
been doing a whip playthrough lately, i wholeheartedly agree. the charged strong attack was meant to be used on the deacons lmao
I shouldn't have listen to you , I slapped the back of my knee with my whip right before aldrich going upstairs While fighting the silver knight
I’m just about to start mine



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when a good time comes around, you MUST whip it
whip it good!
My name is Simon Belmont and I approve this message.
I am Drakula , and I'm waiting for yo @$$ up here so I can kill you
“At 16 str and 50 dex” Yknow, totally ignoring the fact that it has no strength scaling when sharp. Thanks mongoloid
Its probably just a typo, because you need 6 strengh to use it