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There should have been a reference with this. Giving this a Blessed infusion should have make it Simon's Whip, and a Chaos infusion should make it Trevor's Whip
Update: I totally butchered my grammar and I'm sorry
It's cool
My main account is Simon Belmont and I rock the whip exclusively. How have l never thought to make it a Blessed Whip... I am a fool.
leon's whip* and the other guy is called ralph not trevor
Um, Mr./Ms. Oct 19, Trevor is Trevor Belmont. Another user of the Vampire Killer in the games, Leon's descendant. Simon obviously is too, from the actual first Castlevania game. If you're gonna necro, make sense. Also, buffs make more sense than infusions, CFA for a fire whip is just like the old games.
I recommend to anyone to try to beat the whole game with the whip, It's a lot of fun.
been doing a whip playthrough lately, i wholeheartedly agree. the charged strong attack was meant to be used on the deacons lmao
I shouldn't have listen to you , I slapped the back of my knee with my whip right before aldrich going upstairs While fighting the silver knight
I’m just about to start mine
Time for mine



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when a good time comes around, you MUST whip it
whip it good!
My name is Simon Belmont and I approve this message.
I am Drakula , and I'm waiting for yo @$$ up here so I can kill you
“At 16 str and 50 dex” Yknow, totally ignoring the fact that it has no strength scaling when sharp. Thanks mongoloid
Its probably just a typo, because you need 6 strengh to use it
Real question. Do whips actually suck or is that just what people remember from the older games?


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They're not horrible like in previous games, but there defintiely are better weapons out there. Fun to use whips on certain situations though.
Highly useful in very limited situations. Like in DS2, the whip was hands down the best weapon in the list Bastille. It shreds any enemies not wearing armor and it's great for keeping those pain in the *** suicide bombers from getting too close. Outside of that though..... Not so much.
Whips are generally used as a "finishing" tool in pvp. If you roll and light attack you'll do a quick burst of safe damage. Whip weapon Art goes through walls and is hard to dodge too. So basically, you'll only use those 2 functions of the whip and only to finish off or pressure weakened opponents.
Depends on the person. I love them.
Would a refined or heavy whip be of any use or would it just be completely inferior to a sharp whip? I'm doing a run with only bows and whips and I wanna get strength for the Dragonrider Bow.
Don't let the wiki's special mention of it's potential sharp infusion mislead you. Overall, this whip has the best overall scaling with the lowest requirements of all the other whips.
On a pure sorcerer, for the low cost of 2 dex, (which also gives you cast speed and aquamarine dagger) this is a lovely alternative to the rapier as a side weapon and spacing tool.
Yep, it can be nice, bu the rapier is faster and can parry
When infusing with a refined gem my doesn't become a "refined whip". It changes to "skilled whip" instead. That and the cestus are the only weapons I've seen with that interaction. Does the name change imply a hidden stat boost or something? Is there any other weapons that get unique name upgrades when infused?
pretty sure the name difference is just cosmetic. also, the dark sword with the dark infusion is called the "reinforced dark sword"
God damnit from, just let us have a dark dark sword.
Challenge, whip every female you come across.
in the game?
In the ***