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This Gun Shreds most enemys, it fills the Mods realy quick and works best with damage increasing Mods, a combi of Hot Shot and Song of Swords is really really nice ^^
Did the glitch to get in get fixed?
Unfortunately yes
NO you pissant I meant UNfortunately
To anyone who has seen or read about the door glitch the recent patch notes said this “Adjusted interactive volumes on doors to prevent characters warping to the other side” basically the developers saying f*ck you guys we know about the glitch too
I stumbled across this by accident (only been playing about 2 days). I was in adventure mode and came across the survive the attack. I just stayed right by where you zone in and killed the mobs as they came around the truck. occasionally I would poke my head out and shoot whoever was attacking the npcs.
I've rerolled earth 32 times now, still haven't found this damn gun. Anybody on xbone have a save and willing to help a guy out?
Chicago Typewriter is life. The assault rifle or beam rifle may be the better all-rounders but this gun feels so damn good to use and it has higher dps than the AR.
*burst dps
Make a decision, burst or dps?
Pretty solid gun. Mod it with Hot Shot and you'll melt bosses. Pair it with Hunting Pistol so you still have a gun with decent range and some stopping power and you have a pretty amazing all-around class.
Keeping those two alive is easy... so long until someone kills exploders near them and instantly die by that. Have been trying this few times and one of them almost always dies instantly at some point cause exploders. Saw this first time and i wont shoot those things unless i can shoot them AWAY from them... that other Liz actually ''secretly'' hates her sister that much it seems atleast in my game to always shoot them towards other Liz. Oh well, it would have been a nice weapon for my hardcore run. Cant even kill myself to reset this event. RNG is bs sometimes. Or i am just that bad and this game hates me with passion.
You can kill yourself with the hive cannon handgun. Shoot at your feet and you'll take some dmg. Remove your armor for better effect i guess

You can kill yourself with...
... *for my hardcore run ...
Liquid escape?
^ You can't use Liquid Escape in Hardcore.
Oh man, just got this event tonight with my homies and didn't keep both girls alive cause didn't read......................................... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
just clear it on 1st try with my friend and get this babe lol