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Used 7 gourds, divine grass, all pellets, Jizo in 2nd phase twice in a row. Guess my economy through the game was justified in the end.
You need more "souls" only had 5 days with this game and im already here xdxd
In the original Japanese and Chinese subs, he’ll mention seen prosthetic being used by the sculptor. Just another example that English translation is laughably bad
Why so many downvotes? lmao if what hes saying is true yall some butthurt english american speakers
English says it too
Maybe you should research before you comment. He mentions it the first time you use the prosthetic
Nah, the English translation is definitely bad, there are lots of inaccuracies, not to mention, he doesn't say anything about sculptor the first time you use the prosthetic. He just says about remembering someone use it.
Has anyone beaten him with power 8?
Never mind. As soon as I posted this I beat him.
im just going to fight this guy in ng+ with 99 atk because this ridiculous. i get its optional for purification ending and all but seriously... you wanna nerf blazing bull hp before the instakill fireworks
Pretty bad player here and I beat him with a.p 45
Starting to think the bad camera by the columns and the sides is a feature and not a bug. Keeps trying to lure over there.
Battled him in NG+ just after fighting Owl in Ashina Castle. Tried countless time against Owl in Ashina (I had to relearn his moveset because deflecting does very little at this point, you have to be much more aggressive and he hits very hard). Surprisingly, Owl (Father) was easier to defeat, he somehow hits for less HP and has more openings. I'd recommend staying close to him all the time in a two-three slash combo then deflecting his counter and repeating, this action will often lure him to use the shoulder tackle + spark sword attack, you can get a free hit if you only step backwards during the animation where he throws the spark gunpowder and dash forward at the end of the slash animation. As long as you stay aggressive you can just connect hits everynow and then, drop his posture and catch him while he jump backwards and stagger everytime he fails his running slash, second phase only makes him have more openings.
the extremely laggy input in this game make this fight unbearable that's for sure
The input isn't laggy though? Sounds like someone needs to lay off the salt and learn toaccept that they're the problem, not the game.
Yes, the input can be laggy. I am playing on PS4 and there are some measures to improve it a bit (if you are using PS4): - Turn on Game Mode on your TV. The TV will stop adjusting the image, so image quality drops, but game gets a lot quicker. - Turn off the rumble from the controller - Use a usb cable on the controller. I hope it helps.
grow testiculs
While I wouldn't say there's a constant input lag, there definitely seems to be a case of this game eating/dead inputs every now and then. After a quick search online, it seems many players have reported the game randomly having dead inputs, even epicnamebro said he seemed to gave trouble with dead inputs on PS4 after playing on PC.
A good advice is that Owl father in this particular fight... You will be wasting ur time if u deflect , unless he is half HP he just recovers posture very fast unless his posture bar is Red-ish glowing... try baiting his Perilous Swip i love when he uses that i either jump on his head or use High Monk which deals amazing Posture damage... Bait aswell his Overhead & attack. His phase 2 is the easiest phase to me. When he turns owl just run... use same tactics as 1st phase , be mindfull that his PowderSlash is almost 1 Shot unless you have 20 Max Vitality. As you see him Splash the powder just Insta Jump Backwards or sidestep twice behind him to punish him. Lastly his Scorching Owl move is the best Punish u will get since he uses Shadowrush.. i instantly Use Mikiri Counter for a Hefty 1/4 Posture Bar Build up. I'm gonna be honest i killed him 1st Try with all my gourds out aswell as pellets. Just use Ungo Sugar if you cant time your dodge's & use Divine Confetti if neccesary. I was 10 Attack Power & 19 Vitality... Now i'm on NG+ with 20 Vitality & 34 Attack Power just defeated him aswell on this NG+. Goodluck
On NG3 with Demon Bell/Charmless this dude is a *****ing killing machine.
Battled him with V 18 A.power 9 Took me 20-30 tries...so happy)
With AP 99 u coulda beat him first try ;)