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One of the best invasion weapons. Stack 40 poise and 40 endurance with this thing, 2 hand it and just go to town on people. Gankers think they are invincible in groups, so they tend to simply mash R1 when they get near you. Just mash R1 right back, poise through everything and presto, phantoms are dead. You can almost hear their cries of disbelief: "B-b-but I pressed R1... I don't understand..."
Pairs decently with the sunset shield for a golden beauty build, well sort of ehehehe...
Throw in dragonscale armor and lorian's helm for even more goldy looks
This badly needs a hyper armor nerf. Easily has more than any other CGS, even Exile. An invader used this and tanked through my UGH swings using only R1 and fairly light armor.
try using the stomp weapon art
they have the same hyperarmor bud, wear better armor
This weapon has a***** ton of hyper armor, hellishly good strength scaling, and the best range of any curved great sword, however it is almost as slow as an ultra great sword. It's R1's can easily be reaction parried (dependant on lag). The weapon art while it comes out quick, has very low range and long recovery frames. This weapon requires a passive play style centered around trading and reveals this weapons very slow nature and it's biggest weakness: It is too slow to play agrresively. It can be endlessly rolled. It's easily punished by cross bows, quick spells like farron dart, and thrown items. Also, if you start using spells that pressure your opponent like black serpent or homing soul mass, they won't have time to activate hyper armor frames as you rush them, as your spells can initiate a stun to be followed up with faster weapons like a straight or curved sword. Fun weapon for invasions against new players who don't know any better, as this thing is a trade machine. It falls in just the right place of speed, poise damage, range, and weight that you have more hyper armor than lighter heavy weapons, but light enough can afford more poise than heavier heavy weapons. Enough poise damage to break a greatsword user in a single hit, but fast enough that you can trade two blows for one against great hammers, great axes, and ultra great swords. It's in a sweet spot, and I feel confident in saying that this is hands down the best poise weapon.
The scaling is crazy good on my dark infused one with my combo knight/dark build. I get what you mean about the weaknesses though. One way I figured to counter it was to set up with Affinity and rush in. Affinity will usually (emphasis on usually) stun the opponent and you can use an r1 slash followed by the weapon art....or just go straight to the weapon art. It's a pretty good combo that usually hits pretty well. It's not 100 percent fail safe, but I'm trying to find ways to make this weapon work because it really does do well with damage output and I like the weapon art.
@the guy below me: What? I've literally never seen a passive HCGS user, this thing is best used aggressively, baiting out attacks for trading whether with the r1s or the insane true combo, infinistunlock weapon arte.
Best way to play this weapon is running R1 and WA bait. WA + R1 true combos and can deal upwards of 800 damage on a dark build. Not to say it's not good for normal R1s, it has amazing range.
Thank god this weapon is not really common in duels. Several times I fought against it my toes were getting turned into bone shards instantly
It's getting more common in PVP from what I've noticed, and I don't think I particulary suck at PVP. I do find the people who use the Harald Curved Greatsword to be cheap because this weapon is too overpowered and overpoised.


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It would need to be tested properly, but I think it’s a little bit slower than others curved greatsword.
same speed as exile gs just tested
There’s a longer delay after each combo, R1 R1 looks the same but the 3rd R1 is delayed.
chomp chomp chomp comp
I have a quality build lf 40/40 str and dex and this big *** machete does much more damage infused with sharp or refined, than with a heavy infusion. I though this was a good weapon for a strenght build, but it performs the best with a quality build
I know this is pointless...but people always make the same mistakes when comparing quality to str/dex builds. Namely the point investment. You don't compare a quality 40/40 to a pure str 40. That 40 str and 40 dex with a 80 TOTAL points to a 40 points only pure strength. while silly to put 80 points into any 1 stat thats no excuse to ignore 40 levels worth especially since match-making is level based. That and 40 points into vit, vig, end, or maybe faith for a sacred oath buff.. I like 66 str and 14 more vig. I'lldo more damage and survive better then if i had 40/40.
66 Strength 18 Dex with Heavy infusion: 629 ap 40/40 with Refined: 576 ap 22/66 with Sharp: 582 ap (ap values shown are when weapon is 2-handed)
66 Strength 18 Dex with Heavy infusion: 629 ap 40/40 with Refined: 576 ap 22/66 with Sharp: 582 ap (ap values shown are when weapon is 2-handed)