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Only a handful of these sets are worth a f***, the rest are trash. Not everyone wants to waste their time farming dungeons, get rid of the trash sets and replace them with sets that are useful.
Lazy cry baby
The people that have put real time into a MMO win. Crafted sets are for noobs and casual players. If you want to do end game content dungeon and trial gear is what you need. Spend time getting it or save your gold and crowns and pay for a carry like a sadsorrygammer. If you want a easy game play goat simulator. Give me back the game I payed for.
Yeah, I've put in real time, playing since 2015 and the one notable conclusion I can make over all these years is that asshats like yourself are usually full of*****, which is just being proven once again. Done vAA, vDoM, and am about to complete Fang Lair Challenger with my group. You probably won't make it too far with only crafted sets, but you can do most normal dungeons with it, and since you're doing dungeons in the first place you probably will get your hands on monster sets eventually anyway. If you combine those with crafted sets, you can get your numbers unexpectedly high. It's not going to be a 50k DPS build, but I've tested it and got at least to 30k while still having self-heals and a completely sub optimal race. Go be a salty ***** somewhere else.
looks like a lot of people pay for carries here I love the sadsorrygammer line hilarious
Some had pee in his oatmeal
Totally untrue. Some of the crafted sets are capable of putting out more than enough Dps to finish any content in the game.
I'm confused on how farming the content materials you need to make the sets isnt putting real time into the mmo and winning? As you call it. Hence forth look at the like/dislike pole you obviously dont know what your talking about sir.
Every single down vote is just one more sadsorrygammer to lazy to farm the sets they need for endgame. If you put you time in you will win. Stop feeding the noobs they can do it themselves.
Throwing this out there... you pick enchants, skill, and bonuses.... and it takes months of grinding before you can be able to just change gear on a whim... you are just upset because you prolly got carried through everything and as soon as a new expansion comes out your crap is going to be out dated and once again they are on top to be able to get bis equipment 1st again
Have u ever heard of pvp?
"If you don't have the absolute best then it's crap" kind of elitist mentality at its finest. That kind of jerks is the cancer of online gaming. I'll phrase it plainly so that even that kind of simpleton like that guy can understand : if you need to utmost best to win, then you're really lame at this and should play goat simulator.
Coldharbour's Favorite is listed as 5 traits instead of the 8 required in game. This number is correct on the set page
Does the weapon have to be equipped to count? I dual and use a bow, they make up a set of 5. If I switch to my bow do I lose my 5 piece bonus?( 3 armour and my bow or 3 armour and dual ?
2h weaps (bows, staves, 2 handed melee) all count as 2 in the set bonus. Your bow would count for 2
Needs an update as of the mid-October 2019 patch
ancient dragonguard set is 6 trait