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Does anyone know what any of his damage types are for his magical attacks?


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Just look at Eva and everything will be okay.
This last boss reminds me Dark Beast Parl from Blood...but slower and fatty
The king's moonlight sword charged atack do Wonders...
This boss shutdowns magic builds hard, not just due to elemental resistances. You can still use sand gifts, which do physical damage, but sand's hardest hitter (Sands of Depravity) has massive AoE and seemingly this causes hits to occasionally register on the limbs/back, causing the damage to be badly inconsistent. Also, even with a perfect hit buffed by Dark Shout, it still gets vastly outdpsed by any viable melee build. Designing a game with plenty of build options but making half of them non-viable on the final boss seems like a weird choice, even if the game makes it possible to switch builds on the fly.


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LMAO at the filthy casuals down-voting people for calling out blatant BS.
rip mage build
Purging thorns is a complete ***** to avoid. I managed not get hit on the first barrage because the boss summoned it right at the middle of the stage so i figured that by going to the back of boss would be a safe spot , luckily it worked that one time. Every other time after however , i was always tagged by one of the thorns even when dodging. It's a complete bull*****move and the only way i see it being repeatedly avoidable is to try to fight the boss at the center of the stage and bait it into summoning purging thorns there , because if you for whatever reason push the boss to the edge of the stage you won't be able to get to that safe spot and you'll get hit no matter what. It's even worse on NG+ as you'll get one shot if you so much as get scratched by one.
To avoid purging thorns just run to the sides of the arena and spam dodge, i don't get hit most of the time, but you need to position yourself Very well