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What about the sword soul of cinder use in hes second phase
It's just an alternate version of this same sword. We can olny get the base form however, which is sad cause I really wanted that curved version.


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Extremely disappointing. For what's suppose to be a reward for completing the game; It's crap, Scaling with Fire could've possibly saved it. There's far better Greatsword options. This just reminds me so much of Firelink Set, no where near as good looking as they think despite slapping a altered version on the cover. Unimpressive Medium Armor with better options earlier on.
why you gotta be a hater man? I mean we all playing Fashion Souls out here anyway. Who chooses their weapons based on pure statistics anyway? Use what feels best. If this one doesn't suit you that's not a big deal, because other swords definitiely will. That's why they exist.
DD scaling. No fire scaling. W H A T?
I was fairly hyped to use this in a pyro build but I guess not...
Underwhelming. Moveset is average, WA is very situational and weak, even with buff damage is subpar. It's a decent sword if you want fashion, but I wish they made a final boss' weapon more interesting and powerful
-This weapon could use E scaling on 1 more stat. -I guess weapons averageness is part of DS series tradition to not be predictable with weapon quality. In DS2 you are getting Fire long Sword in 2nd hour of gameplay (faster when veteran is at play) and it is often considered among the best weapons in the game (although not necessarily with this infusion). Lothric Knight Sword is another early weapon in DS3 (taking similar amount of time to reach when you start the game) and various youtube Top10's videos consider this game to be the best in DS3. I didnt played DS1(because remaster is probably more demanding than DS3 for PC:/ and evil producer removed base version from steam store) but I wouldnt be surprised to encounter similar things there. Overally DS2/3 teach us to have eyes wide open because great weapon can be anywhere and thre is no rule that early boss cannot drop something great or that excellent weapon cannot lay on the ground in second location. There is also no rule that impressive and difficult boss has to provide you with good weapon.
Get Ss instead, this is complete trash.
no get firelink greatsword it's a pretty cool sword
22 jun 2019 anon trash is trash no matter how you look at it and this "sword" is the equivalent of the thick foul gunk you find at the bottom of a dumpster
At least it served as momento for those who played since dark souls 1
What if this weapon is a display of the First Flame's current state? When you reach the end of the game and link the fire, there is no glorious I n c a n d e s c e n t explosion. The flame has become so weak it has to slowly consume you pathetically. What if, just like the First Flame, the sword has little power left and that's why it's weak? The weapon skill clearly states: "Skill: Ember The fading flame momentarily illuminates and launches itself forward."
Rather dissapointing. I've only ever used for my firekeeper build, and I think it's going to stay that way.
Isn't the point of the coiled sword that it can't be used as a weapon? Even the SoC needs to animorph it into new things to be a challenge
Imagine a sword that can't be used as a weapon
Anon#2- A ceremonial sword you ******. Thought you were smart huh.
Anon#2. It's a ceremonial sword you ******
If only it could be infused which then transformed it like a heavy gem turned it into an ultra greatsword and so on
That could have been a great idea
It’s weapon art is garbage in pvp, it leaves you open to backstabs because it takes five minutes to do the animation.