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which is better the shield or the spear? plz reply
Depends on your build. The shield is probably the best lightweight anti magic shield in the game so if your not an int build pick it for utility. Also in unpatched versions the shield projectile is bugged and can do pretty ridiculous damage. The spear is a pure magic weapon and one of the longest Spears in the game so it is a contender for best spear for int build in the game. As an int build I Think that the moonlight greatsword has better projectiles and you can probably use the magic shield spells combined with a good shield to get the same magic protection so in that case the spear is probably better.
shield 100 percent
Yes the shield gets my vote it's great even for first and second play throws
it isnt enchantable .........
Not enchantable.
If you're doing an INT-Build, this spear is a good (poor man's?) substitute until you get the Moonlight Great Sword. Or if you failed to cut off Seath's tail on your first playthrough. For one thing, you can get the Soul of the Butterfly much sooner and spears are purchaseable from the Undead Merchant (male). You still have to make it to Anor Londo, though and the Sword is available shortly after defeating Smough and Ornstein. The Horn being a spear has the advantage of being safer to use, as you can raise your shield and attack at the same time. This can be useful if your character is a bit more squishy. The Horn also has lower requirements with 12 STR and 14 INT. The Sword requires 16 STR, 10 DEX and 28 INT. Obviously, if you're not doing an INT-build, go for the shield.
Even better than wasting souls upgrading a spear, just deconstruct the lightning spear you get from the mimic in Sen's Fortress for a free +10 spear
my magic +5 bandits knife (that i have from about 2 hrs playtime) is still better than the non-upgraded spear. the bandits knife causes bleed damage and has a high crit rate. in my opinion a long ranged melee weapon defeats the pupose of an int build, because you want to keep your enemies at a distance anyways (usually done by magic). next time i'd prefer to make the shield with the butterfly soul.
@Anon from 17 Apr 2019: Thanks a lot for that tip.
Deconstruct the lightning spear you get from Sens fortrace for a +10 spear.
+10 Spear can also Be used to make the dragonslayer spear



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I mean, it's not a matter of WHICH one to make, in my opinion both the butterfly's soul items are terrible... But you need both for the trophy. I would honestly rather just have the 8000 souls then either of these trash
8000 souls ??? It only give you 1200 souls if you use it
It looks like you can feed the Soul to Frampt for the 8k souls, rather than consuming it directly.
I'm using it on a SL70 mage build and the spear is pretty good tbh. I'm at 36 intelligence and it takes a good ammount of health per hit.
The shield is pretty good for being the only sheild that does magic damage but it can’t parry.
this spear is not bad, it have one of the largest ranges in spears and his magic damage is decent, but like the moonlight greatsword it only have magic damage, so you are completely neked agains enemies with magic barrier
Reading this about gave me a stroke