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Xenoblade Chronicles just called. They want their Monado back.


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If only if the monado fed on blood. To be honest it reminds me more of the God Arc soldier blades from God eater 2. Spoiler: This blade does a crap ton of damage to the final boss' first form , no wonder the guy you get it from was carrying this bad boy around.
Sword Of Sparda
This weapon has insane Heavy attack damage - highest charge heavy of 2 handed sword. The charge heavy usually deals more damage than any 2 handed sword skill. The heavy deals slash damage but the Charge heavy deal crush damage and trigger the explosion skill buff from saved-Nicola Blood Code.
"This is the Monados power! I'm really feeling it!"
The red part that pops out when you use the heavy attacks looks like a dogs *****, rip this sword's design.



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The strongest greatsword, even stronger than the Argent Wolf Brand and even the Zweihander... 2016 dmg with Heavy Weapon Master, devastating