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There has never been living string in my insight store, I pulled the lever on mother brain several days ago and still didn't have it available. I looked up how to get it, found this wiki, double checked that I have never seen this item in my insight store, then left to go get it. Came back, and it's here in the store. I can 100% confirm that's what makes it appear. I don't know what qualifies making me a credible person and don't know if you guys wanna trust some random person but yeah I just did that and it's true. So there you go.
Can confirm this as well.
After brainy died I got this item in my messenger store. I did do the "Make Contact" gesture. No idea if that helped to trigger it though.
You need to kill it for it to appear in the store.


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You can purchase this item BEFORE obtaining the Yharnam Stone, someone please change the entry.

This item is purchasable from the insight merchants after having obtained the only one in game from the Mother Frenzy Brain, testing exactly what conditions are required to unlock each material.
Well seeing how you need to use this item to GET the yharnam stone i hope people arent that dumb, kill the brain and blood rock and you can buy it
Well seeing how you need to use this item to GET the yharnam stone i hope people arent that dumb, kill the brain and blood rock and you can buy it
I made a video that show all the locations you need to go to for the Living String:
Thank you!
Creepy af
So, I'm in NG+ and I just killed the Mother Brain to get into the dungeon and.... Living String did NOT drop. I beat Micolash but haven't beaten Mergo's Wet Nurse. The item is also not appearing in the Insight store. Did I just get screwed out of platinuming this game?
Do the "Make Contact" gesture in front of him for a while and he will give you the MOON rune.
Shaman bone blade
Nevermind. Went back there and mother brain was back. Killed her and got it.
Were is mom brain
I dropped the frenzy brain/mother brain not knowing what she was, just stumbled on the lever. Once I completed the rest of the Nightmare of Mensis (After many deaths, of course) I did the research to go stick it to the brain in the sublevel. Not sure if it was a glitch, but she wasn't there. I have yet to check to see if Living Thread is available at the insight fountain, if not, guess I can't fight the Pthumeru queen this playthrough. -HentchelHero
I totally came across this completely by accident. To get to the Frenzy Brain, when you find the green cage elevator with the door broken, there is a window you can jump out of. I suggest having high frenzy resistance, as you'll have to pass through a bunch of monsters that spam frenzy daggers at you. Once you kill them, you'll move through a bit of the castle and find a level. Pulling it triggers a cutscene. Return to the midget room and then use the green elevator that appears. You'll be in a blank grey space, but if you run out and to your left you'll find the frenzy brain just laying there. Kill him and get the string.
In order to reach Yharnam the Queen (Yharnam Stone) you have to kill The Mother Brain (Living String). What's the purpose ?
Mother Brain, or rather the Brain of Mensis was a great one born during the mensis nightmare. The source of this nightmare is Mergo, unborn child of queen Yharnam.( great one afterlife seems to send them into dreams or nightmares, killing one for good isn't the same as killing a mortal ). Maybe the string connects to the queen? DNA?maybe its part of mergo and it longs for its mom?
That's pretty Viable, but if the Brain of Mensis were part of Mergo, would it not drop an umbilical cord rather than a "living" string? That only makes sense to me. Looking at the Item Icon for Living String, it looks more like a shred of something off the Brain itself, I'm just not sure what.
Is there another way to get a living string? Does anyone know? Because honestly, I don't want to kill the Brain of Mensis. It just looks so pathetic and sad, lying in the blackness... like, I know it's evil and terrible and all, but I still feel like there's a certain reverence about it that should not be violated.
I wish. Looks like I'm not doing the chalice dungeon that requires the string either. It's like Priscilla from DS1. You may want the soul for the scythe or the dagger, but you really don't want to kill her.
Yes, if you kill ariana and iosefka's impostor before the the bloodmoon, you can buy them in the insight shop


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Is there another way to get the living string? Because I honestly don't want to kill the Brain of Mensis. It just looks so sad and helpless, lying in the dark.... I know it's terrible and evil and all, but there's a certain reverence about it that I don't want to disturb.
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you must accept no mercy
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Hes duty is fulfilled put him to rest.. goodbye...great one..
What kind off existence is that really, maybe that's why she's not aggressive? Have you seen the size of it's claws? She would do some serious damage if she actually attacked you.
Jesus, it's just a video game dude
Stop being a ***** and kill it
It's not really evil tho. The Great Ones are simpathetic in nature towards humanity. It's more that the sight of it drives you insane (Frenzy). Once you get into the void beneath the castle you can approuch it and make contact, but you can't really see the brain, so it won't affect your mind. Most Lovecraftian monsters work like that: If you lay eyes on it or hear it, you're screwed.
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