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And where is that? There are no locked cages there.. Anyone know where this is? I can't find this key.
follow the instructions above. Once you drop down and enter the building directly in front of you is a hole in the banister. Walk through it and you drop down into the locked cell
So much
I have been everywhere now. Killed lots of bosses. The man inn the hub told me to go inside the door where you need this key. But i can't find the key. Been looking everywhere:/
Found it, go to the Lamp: Yaharghul Chapell on the third Worldstone, turn around run the stairs up and look on the Left side for a hole to Jump down, now u are in a Building on the second floor. there is a cage in the middle of the Room with a Dead Body on a Chair with the Key on it, u need to drop down in the cage.



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I added your location description to the page. Remember you can edit information into the page by hitting "edit"! :D
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I love u
can you enter this place before blood moon?
yeah cant find it too
Whoever wrote this doesn't know what a plateau is. From the Yaargul Chapel lamp, go up the lasered stairs, PAST the plateau with the 4 old ladies, and into the area with the tree and the firebombing old ladies. The gap in the fence is on your left, just before the small stairs.
That's one hell of a sentence
This is half the words and thrice as useful
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I’m using it on mobile right now and it’s completely fine
Maybe on andriod devices but definitely not apple devices.
Im on android and i have no trouble
Whoever wrote the Location section must be a *****ing idiot. The only useful information I got out of this is that it's near the *****ing lamp, but not which way. Would going into a tiny bit more detail kill you? If you don't know how to write, then don't *****ing do it because all you're going to do are confusing the hell out of people.
Bruh chill out when you spawn at the lamp its behind you, then go up the stairs and follow the left wall until you see a hole in the fence. No need to get butt hurt
Have you ever heard about youtube?
The drop off is where the amygdala uses his eye beam