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Every spell other than pestilent mist useless against this boss even the lightning miracles.Do not bother with lightning arrow,just visit Rosaria instead and you will easily kill him.
A Sunlight Spear or Lightning Stake at point blank range to his face is really effective. Pinging his head with Lightning Arrows at opportune times is also pretty effective (like when he's doing his AoE attack). Just because you happen to be bad at that doesn't mean they are useless. And you definitely done need to visit Rosaria. If you're using miracles, that means you have decent faith. Just infuse a weapon with lightning and melee his head.
Okay so this might be a dumb question but will it take the same amount of time in a mist cloud to kill him in NG+ as it does it NG? My understanding is that the mist takes a enemy dependent % per tick so does the tick damage simply scale with his health in subsequent playthroughs or does it stay at the ~25 per tick?
Okay so shoutout to the guy who downvoted someone asking a sensible question, you are everything wrong with the internet. From searching I found this Reddit post ( ) which indicates there is a correlation purely between HP and tick damage so you weren't far off. In answer to your question it would most probably take a similar amount of time but I haven't checked the maths, it could take less :)
Didn't realise I couldn't link, the post is called "Pestilent Mist cheese strats in numbers" and is on r/darksouls3 if anyone wants a look
Just fought Midir on NG+ and mist was doing 26dmg per tick. Link post might be out of date.
I ran out of patience and requested assistance for this guy. Since then I'm helping others and learned to handle him quiet well. One of the greatest bosses when it comes to jolly cooperation where you have to work for that victory instead of just group banging and beating the devil out of his head.
rip pyromancers
Not really. You have both magic and faith for pyromancy. Suck it up and use lightning or most
Don’t use heavy weapons, use light weapons like straight swords, daggers, katanas etc. (katanas are half heavy half not)
LKGS is the exception here.
I only use my favorite weapon, Greatsword for all bosses. otherwise there is no interest in fighting.


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Troll comment
Heavy weapons are perfectly viable. You'll just be limited to 1 or 2 hits at most before backing off.
Darkeater Midir is literally "Amygdala, but he can fly now"
reading this wiki made me so scared about fighting this oversized meatloaf, but then i first tried him, my advice, all of his***** is really easy to dodge, just slap him on the head and dont get hit. damage really isnt an issue either, i was on a luck build with a cathedral UGS, i only had 560 AR something like that. if you're scared of him you're gonna die over and over again, play the game like you will never die and you probably wont.
Most stupid comment I ever seen
This boss is literally in top 3 hardest bosses of all dark souls series delete your stupid comment.
honestly not bad advice, too bad it got thumbed down to oblivion
15 casuals downvoted this gud comment. Of course. "This boss is between the hardest in the game"... I AM THE BOSS.
It honestly sucks how midir goes from a super fun fight in ng but then becomes a total tank in the ng+ cycles, because you're already expected to be roughly sl80-100 when you first fight him. Almost as bad as vicar amelia
Vicar Amelia, hard? How is she hard at all? She's literally die quickly with a Saw Cleaver +3
The summoned NPC just practically killed Midir alone in ng. I didn't even get a chance to deal the killing blow! Super weird fight, super hollow victory! But I guess I'll take it :p
Really? Shira usually throws off his RNG completely
***** this goddamn boss.