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The perfect poise is 53 ?
Seems to be 81
53 or 61, period. Maybe 77 if you can afford it. Going 81 is nonsensical...just roll.


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Why 61? Wouldn't it take 62 to survive two straight/curved sword R1s?
I have a dex build with fastroll and 77 poise
@anomymous How the hell do you get fastroll and 77 poise? Havel's ring is garbage. ROFAP and either ninja flip ring, hornet ring, or if farming chunks, gold covetous.
Infinite poise is best... Just like with everything else.



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53 is good enough most of the time but running attacks from a great sword will poise break you so 56 is what you want but maybe 62 for curved swords but 77 is pretty silly if youre going to go to that point just do 93 so you can tank 3 hits from small weapons or 112 to tank 2 hits from bigger ones extremely unnecessary though and you would probably do better with less armor and fast rolling, at the very least do 32 and if you just want to get gud and roll through everything at least have a little poise so daggers and armor of thorns dont ***** you up
Giant Dad load the basscanon. PS: for those who didn't know you can wear giant armor and fast roll. But 125 meta say better ninja flip. This makes Giant Dad out of meta but still enjoyable.
the meta breakpoints are mainly 31, 53 and 61
No, 54 is greatsword, dont minmax to 53 or you might as well have done 31
Thank you AGAIN FextraLife!
Someone told me once that if your poise was high enough in Dark Souls 1 only, you could negate the ability for you to be parried.

I don't see anything listed here saying that.

So is it true, or is the guy a dip?
Nope. Its not true
Think of parrying as putting the subject in a different state. Like backstabs it's kind of a critical hit state. It ignores poise but also doesn't deplete it. So an attack after your iframes deplete still affects the full poise value.
POISE SOULS where poise actually works in dark souls



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wait a minute? you mean you dont like the zero poise estus chugging zero stamina roll dark souls 3? how???
"There'a no poise in Dark Souls 3" is the worst meme to come out of that game. Try learning how it works.
it's almost shocking to take a hit from a twig-armed hollow without flinching!
Poise only exists if you do a st build, and it starts up pretty late. You also NEED to use a heavy weapon with heavy armor. A game where I can have poise, and ring slots!
***** *****
Is there any relation between poise and hitting through a wall instead that the weapon will bounce off? If not is there a list that show which weapon slice through walls and which not?
No relation whatsoever.


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depends on the hitbox of the weapon and whether or not it can align with the opposing hurtbox. Weapons with a larger hitbox (UGS, halberds, etc.) hit more often because the hitbox is further away from the player letting it extend through walls. If we take a weapon with a small hitbox, for example a dagger, we notice that its*****box is right in front of the character and therefore making it harder to go through waöls.
is this mean that 53 poise will endure Great Curved Sword 2H? or do i need 54?
just 53
Paladin set, but giants gauntlets. The perfect 61 poise. Add claymore and Grass crest with FAP and hornet on a pure quality build and you have. Exceptional SL 125 pvp build
And you have a pretty decent fashion souls. Thanks friend.
i miss poise
RIP poise
You will be missed!