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I wonder if anyone really died to this boss ever...
Yeah, the bastards cursed me.
I wasn't paying attention and got cursed
Actually dangerous boss fight if you're using the corvian scythe
Found you can easily cheese this boss by moving at a brisk pace and sometimes attacking



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Thank you finally defeated this boss using this method
2nd hardest boss 1st is pinwheel
Bruh obviously it's true king allont
If you have the farron greatsword it's probably one of the easiest bosses so far
farron + arstor spear = no die zero estus boss
Terrible designed ” boss ”. Unless you are insanely overleveled ( which most are in this game ) it’s literally impossible! Takes for *****ing ever to kill, not a single *****ing useful weapon given before this point, the red glowing ***** is always in the *****ing middle of 72647173 of them, and the more you kill, the more respawns ( killing 1 spawns 2 more?!?! ) and at the 2nd stage all the fat *****s just blast you all over, and eventually you die from curse since you can’t attack the red guy anymore. *****ing Ludwig is easier....
Have you tried using Vordt's Great Hammer? Deals Frost & Physical both of which they are weak against.
Have you tried using more than one button on your controller/keyboard at a time?
This must be a troll. Deacons are literally one of the easiest bosses in any dark souls game.
Lucerne works well here. Especially the special with the added heavy attack on the end. Plows right through them.
Did you know you can drink from your Estus flask?
I hope this is a joke, just like the boss itself. It's probably the easiest boss in the entire franchise! Try drinking estus or dodge-rolling. And you can change equipment, you don't need to use starter gear.
Oh god please be a troll lmao
More like Rom, the vacuous scholar
Lmao this boss was so easy that I nearly died while laughing in middle of the boss
This boss poses a challenge only when you're underleveled. It took a while on an SL1 fists only run.
That's probably because it's a goddamn fists only run