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Game gets an A- on character creation, a B- on combat and an F for level design, sad to say. All levels manage to be uninteresting and linear corridors that may (or may not!) loop back just to avoid more mistles. At this point even a bland open arena would be a breath of fresh air. Awful level design.
I'm curious as to what would have brought the levels above F. Because an open-arena design certainly doesn't.


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I'm curious as to what game they're playing. The levels look pretty cool, you can slowly start understanding what you're seeing as the story progresses (thorns, for example), and the hidden passages that the game gives you subtle clues at were pretty well thought out. The cathedral level was particularly confusing/great/amazing
The levels look quite same. Within one level every wall and corridor and dead end is pretty identical, unlike say bloodborne, but the mapping is pretty interesting.. Lots of cool vertical it. Nothing to really diverge from the souls formula, but it fits it well. I really liked the cathedral, and all the drop down paths to find, for example, even if it all looked the same