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why can you not parry
If your right hand's weapon skill is to parry (Farron Greatsword), you can parry that way
The ability to parry is substituted on this shield for the ability to use your weapon skill whithout putting the shield away, plus high defensive performance for a small shield.




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You can also put the parrying dagger onto your right hand weapon slot.
In DS1, this shield was the only medium shield which, when struck by an enemy in pve, had the same 'stagger' or knockback that a greatshield had; is this functionality still with the shield?!
You're thinking of a different shield.
it it it SHRUNK! what have they done?
I know right. This thing is the Iron Parma from Dark Souls 2, not our beloved Iron Round Shield from Dark Souls 1. RIP


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this shield says highest stability of small shields at 59. the iron round shield has 62...... lol
highest stability of the small shields in Dark Souls 3, don't be a smart ***.
The iron round shield IS a small shield in Dark Souls 3. With 62 Stability. How is he being a smart ***?
This is actually the Iron Parma from Dark Souls 2, not the Iron Round Shield.
Good if you want to still be able to block and not have a heavy shield, unless you trying to keep your equipment load under 70% the stone parma is better.



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Has the highest stability and isn't tied with Llewelyn & Falcon shields, the Iron Round shield only has 55 and this one has 100
Are you stupid? No shield has 100 stability.
You're looking at Durability
Isn't this the shield wielded the the Ruin Sentinels in DS2?
My first thought was the Warrior's (I think?) starting shield from DS2. It looks extremely similar.
Looks like either the Iron Parma or Stone Parma/Shield tbh
It’s Ds1 Shiva’s shield. From what I’ve heard they reused it throught the series.
This shield really has somewhat of a deflecting effect - like greatshields. If you block you get that odd sound and enemies loose their balance. The iron round shield with higher stability does not "stun" enemies - while blocking.

guess shape and material.....