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So does anyone know if Code Vein officially ties in with God Eater? Besides the Dyaus Pita making an appearance, there's a lot of overlapping stuff like the thorns of judgement showing up and the great collapse in general


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Well it’s basically implied throughout vestiges that Revenants were made to fight the “Terrors” (which they call the Dyaus Pita a terror, so its implied they were made to fight Aragami) that appeared after the great collapse
It seems likely that it's in the exact same universe but it's practically impossible to tell when unless the dev's would confirm that...(everyone in vein is part of an isolated community that has zero knowledge of what is happening outside and vice versa, so it could even be at the same time as GE) I mean anything related to how much time has passed since the Collapse and the start of the game is super vague and probably made that way on purpose to avoid having to retcon too much. Or it could be a what if? Type situation.. same universe, different timeline. Or a nice easter egg for GE fans, although that is a lot of GE connections for it to be just an easter egg imo.



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Weather or not CV is in the same world as GE is actually quite disputed. Disputed enough to spawn a 130+ post long discussion over on the Steam forums, and I'm sure it there are other places talking about it too. Personally, I think there's too much conflicting info for them to be in the same universe.

In Code Vein:
They are called Horrors
The Revenants were created to fight them
They appeared in the Great Collapse
and showed up with the Thorns of Judgement

In God Eater:
They are called Aragami
the God eaters were created to fight them
they appeared over time, with no special name for the event,
and the Thorns are no where to bee seen.

So I think they can't be in the same universe.

However, I do believe the Horrors and the Aragami are one and the same. After one of the endings, Mia comments on the Horrors' abilities. She says they are nearly immune to conventional weaponry and have regenerative abilities just like Revenants. Those traits match the Aragami's abilities. Not to mention that the Horror we see is clearly an Aragami.

So, in the end, I think that God Eater and Code Vein are two different worlds that had different responses to the sudden appearance of the same creatures. Like a diverging time line. Now, of course, this conjecture, and can easily be wrong.

On a side note, I saw someone point out that the humans outside of the mist would have to have some means of fighting the Horrors to have survived for so long. It's quite possible that they invented God Eaters of their own after the Revenants were lost. They would not the same God Eaters from the GE universe but rather people of the same form and function, if that makes sense.
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God Eater does have "Thorns of Judgement" but they weren't told to us directly, even in God Eater, giant thorns were the outer border in each map. God Eater takes place in Japan, their called Aragami, however Vein maybe in the states, or more eastern, and let's be real here, if a guy saw a Aragami, we'd call them a "Horror" or a "Monster". if Vein does take place in god eater's world, it takes place in the past before God Eater 1, because in the last chapter the moon looks normal, it doesn't have a blue tint to it like in God Eater 2 or 3.