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it have S scalings in lightning and crystal
AA scaling for chaos and dark
I used this thing hollow, just because I had it and wondered how it’d perform. Looking at its damage and scaling you’d not think much of it as a spear. Then I remembered it’s a paired weapon. It has enough reach to keep straight sword spammers at bay without much effort, its roll attacks are fast, weapon skill has poise, and its r1 leading attack is a slash that’s great at roll catching people trying to roll around you or sidestep what they expect will be a thrust. Its r1 combo feels just a few frames shy of a true combo to me; I’m sure there’s one with this weapon. Anyway, what was my point? Oh yeah, damage. This thing hits harder than its AR implies on raw damage. Try it out; see what I mean.
The slash is with the L1 mate
Doesn't matter how unpredictable you are. You'll get easily parried using these
Weird flex but okay
git gud
Another sleeper pick weapon. Quite difficult to use properly since you are required to actively play around your weakness of easily being parried, but with the right setup you can make a lot out of this weapon. In my opinion there are two ways to best spec for this weapon. The first option is the easier, being a buff build with Darkmoon Blade or Lightning Blade, but my preferred choice is using a sharp twinspears, stripping naked with Flynn's Ring, and pumping all the dex I can for sharp. Do NOT play this weapon infused with any elements, you have a great lack of damage in comparison to buff or straight dex. As for combos, this weapon can pull new ones out of its *** left and right. You obviously can do your r1->r1, l1->l1, and r1->l1, but this weapon has more than just that. You can use r2->l1 for great mixups. My preferred combo is r1->l1->r2, but the r2 can easily be parried so you need to know you opponent ahead of time, and if you can't go for that and they roll backwards, go for a jumping attack instead. Your main attack you will be using is rolling l1, which shares the same animation as Gotthard's old rolling l1 before it got nerfed. The main difference here is that you need to play unlocked, or it will never hit, but does nasty damage and is very easy to land when you learn your angles. In my use, I have yet to find a use for the weapon art, but who knows if it might have a place here. This is my current favorite weapon, and it always makes me sad to see nobody use it.