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Buff users get really triggered by these. I had a guy heal on my in the arena twice, and then switch to a Carthus Curved Sword. I killed him and got a wall of text about how "dishonorable" it is to not let your opponent buff... right, because apparently it's "honorable" to let your opponent get an advantage over you.
Because you TOTALLY can't use a buff's just impossible for you to use buffs...the guy CLEARLY had a one-sided advantage that ONLY he had access logical fallacies here....
Oh hey, looks like the guy you triggered found your comment, and he's still mad


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i think you're missing the point though. He can't just 'use a buff too' build your set around using buffs. I mean at least half of the weapons in this game cant even be buffed so saying that you can just use a buff too is like saying you can just change your build on the fly to make the fight fair. ***** that. it's called having a counter. if you attack, i roll. i don't just let you attack me because i can attack you. and thus its fair...the ***** kind of bull*****logic is that???
Because you TOTALLY couldn't live without's just impossible for you to do anything without buffs...if someone doesn't stand around emoting for a full 15 seconds while someone else stacks buffs they CLEARLY have a one sided advantage that ONLY they have access logical fallacies here...

If someone doesn't need buffs and you do it's on you to budget your time before they come over and start smacking you around, not on them to obey some arbitrary, imaginary code of honor, and if someone yanking your buffs completely sinks your entire build, well, I'd have to recommend reconsidering the build.
Really, honor has little place in PvP, unless you appreciate a challenge and the posterity of being an honorable duelist.

Aforementioned point aside, it's totally unfair to strip buffs in PvP. Why?

Because in the meta levels, stripping buffs effectively renders that 60 FTH/ 30 ATT investment useless, which is the equivalent of de-leveling your opponent.

Look, if you built a caster, and you can't cast, then you're effectively useless. There isn't any consumable item that removes armor and weapons, so there really is no anti-melee counter equivalent to the Dual charm.

So is the use of a Dual Charm dishonorable? I'd say it's about as dishonorable as the de-leveling gaze of the Irythil Jailers. It fulfills a similar purpose in nullifying a stat investment. And if you built for buffing, well...

...You just lost 70+ levels to a consumable item that required no stat investment to utilize. Suddenly, it's a match between a SL 120 quality build, and a SL 50 caster.
well to be fair I have a character with a buff build but would I get mad if someone duel charm me? not really I would just fight and well I know at this point it's saying that I do less damage but Skills are better than just using cheap tactics just to get easy win would I get mad If I lose? No. Because he just used a counter to stop me simple.
well thers 2 ways to look at it build allows me to attack instantly without any buffs, so i do it

2. wait for them to buff, then duel charm them

both are honorable
"Because in the meta levels, stripping buffs effectively renders that 60 FTH/ 30 ATT investment useless, which is the equivalent of de-leveling your opponent." I think you might actually be dumb if you believe this. it's like saying rolling is unfair because people invested 40str/40dex and by rolling you're invalidating those levels not to mention, those 70 levels of "investment" makes them a lot stronger than if they were to put those points elsewhere. that's the reason those buff builds exist in the first place, it's powerful min/maxing and if you don't try to do anything to counteract it, you're just *****ing yourself over so yes, duel charm those *****ers. because them buffing themselves a billion times is the same as them throwing a duel charm at you
Thank you anon from 2/18/19, someone needed to point out the lack of logic in that mentality. The duel charm's literal purpose is to remove buffs. Besides, you only get one buff at most, if I'm buffing, in pvp. If you're stacking you're fair game. Don't hold yourself in place long enough for me to take advantage of.
While i dislike people using duel charms cause it shows how seaty they really are. I dont particularly care cause the people who use them have no idea what theyre doing and i cant still just mess with them and get a perfect victory. Not a tough fight never has been. I still do damage. And you gonna die to that damage for being that big of a sweat.
“ While i dislike people using duel charms cause it shows how seaty they really are.” You y could say the same thing about buffs though? I mean, I don’t understand how nullifying your enemy’s 5 hour long buff to give yourself a chance is unfair or sweaty.
does it work on tears of denial?
Sadly, no.
Affected by hawk ring?
No you absolute mong.



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No, but it does affect other thrown items such as fire bombs and knives.
Does it strip off regeneration spells?
It does, it strips regen and any other body/weapon buff. If it could also strip ToD it would be kinda nice, arena tryhards would cry a lot and ask for a nerf ;)
The other anon is wrong, it doesn't remove regen. Removes the blessed weapon spell though, which removes THAT regen.
Should be called the salt charm based on how this can cut down some builds to the bare bones.
Its priceless to see the panic on the dodges of these buff idiots when their plans are foiled...its like...they know nothing else and lose 45 IQ
Thats why you have a back up infused weapon
Does this thing work on Soul of Cinder?
No, staggering him removes his soulmass buff iirc
Removed regen so yes.
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Does this work against bosses?
which one you want to try it against
Darkmoon and duel charms, the tryhard's bread and butter.
Its in the game for a reason, sounds like thats your weakness.
Does this work against idiots who use the offhand bow glitch I don’t have enough points for vow of silence