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im not jk, this kid is not messing around. probably harder than any master rank monster
He's really not that bad. Hardest monster, at least for me, is savage Deviljho any day. Blackveil is like a smelly mosquito in comparison.
i agree with the mosquito part cause you are always taking tick damage in this you cant carry enough health potions
Not enough pots? Just farcast back to camp and grab some more! Astera Jerky is also a great item to have to help with that pesky red health bar.
just like the guy said, just go back to camp to restock when you not in alert mode.
Use 2 pieces of armour that he has, get effluvial resistance 3 and effluvial mastery, and the fight becomes trivial. Vaal has always been the easiest elder in MHW and he still is in MR
hes big
Fought bigger
why does the about look like some corpse bride BS for female but the male looks like a death rider
armor* not about
as far as i can figure capcom is mad sexist. my wife gets so upset about how much cooler my armor ALWAYS is.
Capcom isn't sexist, they just pander to pathetic horny degenerates that are obsessed with showing as much skin as possible and get offended at the slightest instance of a female armor set not being feminized to the point of being completely unrecognizable compared to the male version. TLDR; female armor sets suck because so many horny neckbeards love them because it makes their tiny *****s hard
anon 18 Jan: if you don't like what you see then why not take your leave, Sir?
u guys *** or something
I bet this guy smells really nice.
For me Big Crown 2619.25 and for my small crown 1864.91 I'm the same boy of Velkhana mini crown :)
Uses effluvium way more than the normal Hazak.. I'd recommend a lot of nulberries or miasma decorations
It’s a ripoff vaal hazak that’s in the ancient forest so if you know it well you can use stuff like falling boulders on it
Ripoff? Ever heard of subspecies?
I see you're new to mh : )
everybody gangsta till the black veil brides gets ahold of effluvia
Anyone else feel like this thing had a boat load of health? First run timed out and i only got the "near death" indicator a minute before after wailing on it pretty consistently.
50 minutes? Wow. I killed him for the first time today (literally 1 minute ago). Took me 25 minutes. Maybe you should look over your combos or something? I'd also recommend Meowlotov Cocktail + a Palico weapon with elder seal, since the element will carry over to the Meowlotov Cocktail.
Yeah, I feel the same, I just beat it and I only had a minute and thirty seconds left on the quest lol.
dunno how you guys had that little damage, took me 35 minutes but that was only cuz i was playing like*****...
break his head
27,500 hp for solo, 46,750 for 2 people and 68,750 for 3-4 people. give or take 5%