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I have been at MR99 for a while and all the 4 areas in my guiding lands are at least lv 2 but I've yet to unlock this quest... how come!?
There are more than 4 guiding land regions. You gotta complete all of the special assignments (excluding raging brachydios, and ifurious rajang
Just got to 99 and there is no marker or anything to start this quest
Maybe you need an area at level 6 as well?
talk to The Commander in the meeting room?
You need 12 lvl in total across all region in guiding lands
>Conditions: MR 99 or higher, and total level across all regions in The Guiding Lands must be at least level 10. >Completing this quest will also unlock the Guiding Lands to be raised to level 7. What.
thats not how you unlock it
It says TOTAL level, so most likely you need all zones level 4, or smth like that.
With the Rajang update and the new Volcanic region, you need a total of 12 region levels to unlock this quest. There is no need to have a region level 6. My region levels are 5-2-1-1-3. Having 4-2-1-1-3 did not unlock this qust.
Why no lvl7 for forrest location???
Why the quest tittle feels so romantic lmao
Nergi deserves the romance.
Because oh how over hyped this sorry excuse for an elder dragon is.
It would be fantastic if these quests that are stupidly gated behind hidden progression, at least be updated on this website to show what that gating is so we aren't fumbling around in the dark lost holding our pp.
I'm Mr 99 and my GL region levels are 2-2-2-2-2-2. Thats total level 12, and why I can't see the quest? Help pls
I think you need to talk to the commander (or someone else) to get the quest
The 12 GL region level requirement was with the Rajang update. Now we have the Ice region, I would assume that the requirement would be a little higher.