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At what spellbuff does this spell start doing sizeable damage?


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Im at 60 int with a spellbuff of 160 or so. Does at least 144 damage per hit and the thing is insanely fast. Over 300 damage before they even react usually


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Lol, yeah this thing is insane does a fun ssswissh inng! inng! swish... yeah. Also the wiki says these can be parried but I say good luck, cause I haven't gone up someone who thinks Flashsword can be parried... I can land this for up to 300 damage combined of 3 or 4 hits and that's enough to get the poor dude back off chugging and then having to resort to backstabs to take me out :(
160 SB at 60 INT is really bad. The Court Sorcerer's Staff has 238 SB at that level, if it's fully reinforced.
I have the most fun with the most hated catalyst here strangely...
Anyone notice how if you use this to hit a shield it doesn't cause you to stagger as much as with a normal one-handed weapon? I'm not seeing anyone else noticing this, so I'm starting to think my tests are deceiving me.
i know it says you have to parry the catalyst, but can you parry the sword with a spell parry shield?
Now THAT is an interesting question. But I suppose it will only cancel the damage, not open for a riposte... Needs some testing.



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INT BUILDS REJOICE! THE MAGIC EQUIVALENT OF R1 SPAMS HAS ARRIVED! Be prepared to get ganked in a corner by 3 people using this with izalith staffs with 99 INT
>There's an odd glitch that causes this sorcery to do 1-8 damage. However, this is a rare occurrence. It's not rare and it's not an odd glitch. Happens every time you hit an enemy with the shaft of the catalyst without touching them with the flashsword blade. Won't happen if you use a crystal chime.
It actually happens, the guy rolled away and took 1 damage, but then he was hit by the Magic which dealt 200
Equip this spell and two long staves in both hand you’re even stronger than twin Greatsword
"Has the range of an ultra greatsword" which ultra greatsword? And with which staff? Could this page have anything resembling editing or is this website run by some dude named Jerry who uses videos recorded by his buddy's iphone as a reference?
***** you! Jerry is a good guy, and he's trying his best! :c
You could try testing and recording ranges yourself instead of whining about Jerry, considering he took the time to write the page to begin with :^)
now thats a lotta thumbs down
This thing is great for quickstep spammers that pull out daggers when they realized they weren't good enough to hit people with ultra great weapons and just give up halfway through.
Ever feel like your dagger is too short? Why not make it rival a UGS in range?