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Are any of his weapons worth farming that Skymerald for?
That Charge Blade is a pretty good elemntal one.
Zinogre Heavy Bowgun is super busted good. Light Bowgun is also good I hear
Loyal Thunder (HBG) is Glutton on steroids and also good with Thunder ammo build. Arguably the strongest weapon in the game right now.
the hunting horn looks like a switch axe
Zinogre, the granddaddy of tobi Kadachi
So can this monster not be caught? We tried multiple times and he just kept busting our traps. Really frustrating.
Idk if its the same in world but in previous gens only pitfalls worked. Shock traps would make him enter his super saiyan enrage state I think. Idk if that answers your question.
Other comment is correct. You must use Pitfall traps. Shock traps cannot restrain the Thunder Woof!
Thanks for the comments, we tried the pitfall trap and it worked beautifully! :)