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Used this weapon for the first time recently Seriously think it’s one of the most underrated weapons. Praise the almighty club
if by underrated you mean the best most popular hammer then yes very underrated
I agree it's very underated
I think women should use the great clubs. Men already have them (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
Wow that was stupid. I hope you look back on this a remember to think before you post something this stupid ever again.
I hope the original commenter feels proud that his comment was so potent that another person had to comment on it in order to self inflate their own ego and sense of moral high ground despite the fact that he/she's currently viewing a video game weapon wiki.
Wow people in this reply section are ******
more like broken straight sword
geez some people can't take a joke
Wow I am so offended ;(
Big chicken leg
Fun fact: the table’s wrong about nearly every poison infusion in the game on this site. Unupgraded, this thing’s got 71 poison with poison infusion. Need proof? Just go preview the unupgraded club with the infusion at the blacksmith. It also appears to use slightly less stamina to swing than other clubs, and have as much hyper armor. So I have fun screwing with invaders in Irythill by killing all the enemies first (not kiting me through anything, you cowards), lighting my ember, using the dried finger and using this thing. Chloranthy ring, grass crest shield for added stamina regen. Aside from the strength to use the weapon, pretty much spec into vit and vig exclusively. You’ll win the battle of endurance every time, and the invaders usually end up running away and using their black crystal before even fighting you once they notice they’re not ganking you with mobs.
Powerful, lighter than others in its class while still being strong, found early on, weapon art provides infinite buffs. +10 66 str with warcry AR is over 700. Good moveset also.
It's an excellent weapon, but in pvp the r2 attack has way too much phantom range. It's *****ing annoying getting hit even at 5km of distance.
Does it have any true combos
yup r1 into jumping attack and r2 into 1 r1 if you fully charge the r2 it does not combo into r1 unless for some reason the opponent doesn't get knocked over
if you use a sharp greatclub, i would question my sanity
Sharp great club worth it? I want to add a weapon for my dex build and this looks so badass...



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yeah dude. Totally worth it. The upgrade table has been adjusted. I just made a luck build and infused my great club with bleed. was awesome. Sharp has 'A' scaling with dex.But the str is so high. But try it anyway.
Solid weapon, good on pretty much any infusion, but I use heavy and then put Darkmoon on it, I call it Ooga Booga of the Darkmoon