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Also equip load is determined by vitality not to endurance.
Not in Dark Souls 1. Vitality is health in Dark Souls 1, while endurance was both Stamina and Equip Load
That’s dark souls 3 in dark souls it’s determined by endurance
not in dark souls remastered. they changed vitality and endurance so that vitality is health and endurance is stamina, equip load and slight resistances so they are the same as ds2 and 3
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I have 50.0 out of 131.4 and I’m fatrolling for some reason. Help please
You need to be at 32.85 or lower to fast roll.



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is there dust when you roll?
My equip load changed in a way that makes no sense. I had a max load of 58 and was at 26.7. I upgraded my max load to 60 and and went from a 5.0 weight sword to a 8.0 weight sword and my equip load went up to 33.9. What is going on?? I didn’t change any armour or other weapons and I even upgraded my endurance to compensate for the increased weight. Qu’est-ce que *****??
I know I'm a bit late and this is going to be a little lengthy, apologies. Equip load works in percentages(as you already know), but let's look at your example further. You changed from a 5.0 weapon with 26.7 equip load and swapped to an 8.0 weapon and it increased to 33.9 equip load. You said you started off with a max load of 58 and bumped it up to 60 to accommodate for the new weapon's weight. Basically, Dark Soul's equip load works with diminishing returns and "balancing". So even though the new weapon should've been taken care of by the max load increase, the game instead calculated it needed to weigh more for it to be balanced. It's lame, but it's the game.
Wish someone had developed a calculator for equip load so I could figure out my build before even starting the game, but it's nothing dedicated or whatever, so I can just improvise and toss in points as I need it.
MugenMonkey in the Play Store
Check out Soulsplanner, it's the perfect resource for planning builds in DS1/2/3
A whole page, and not a single mention about WHICH STAT AFFECT THE EQUIP LOAD??? basic info, can't find anywhere, just like everything else in this game i have to figure It out by
Have trouble reading, huh? "The Endurance stat governs the amount of Equip Load, it also increases all the way to 99 Endurance with no diminishing returns"
Just don’t play then? This game is vague and always will be, it’s open to interpretation. It’s also a more difficult game for those of us who don’t want our hands held the whole time.. don’t be rude
I’m lost how does 50%+20%+5%= 89%? Lol am I trippin here??
1.20 * 1.50 * 1.05 = 1.89
1.50*1.20*1.05 = 1.89, i.e., a 89 % increase.