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Weapon kinda sucks
Radiant Flow what i saw was only 1 jewel stock not 2
If you have the decos and slots for this weapon it will rip through monsters due to having good scale-ability with Non-Elemental, (Unlock-able) Purple Sharpness, P. Polish/Master's Touch, Weak Exp. 3, Crit Boost 3, Crit Eye 7 and Atk Up 4. I've consistently hit 185 to 202 DMG on my spirit slashes on tenderized parts. Helm Breaker gets 164 on crit. The weapon before buffs from food is anywhere between 990-1089 bloat. Technically speaking Hellish Slasher has the same bloat values and requires less weapon maintenance skills to be effective. That being said it can't cut through harder parts like Rad. Flow. I use H. Slasher for my harder monster evasion set and the Rad. Flow for easier monsters I want to hunt quickly. The Gold Rathian LS is still exceptionally good for those without the ability to implement non-elemental or other skills and prefer status damage via poison. At base it has 957 with 420 poison but has no purple sharpness with plenty of white. Radiant Flow and H.Slasher with just Non-Elemental is 990. It all depends on how you want to play. H.Slasher gets Health Aug earlier than other weapons and I believe it can have two levels of it or one level health and another crit.