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Can we get a marker for fish with a large version?
add more Pls
I got Downy Crake before the bounty.
me too, bristly crake too..
I got bristly crake before the bounty
Gonna catch em all
Finally finished my endemic field guide. The only reward is the Guild Card background Wild, Wild, Wildlife, which features many wildlife on the border, such as the Dapper Coralbird and Downy Crake.
Where’s the iceborne endemic life
I just caught a blue diva which is a bird in coral highlands 4 rarity no data on it
I found Blue Diva twice in the Wildspire Waste in area 5 (the winding upwards path near the forest that ends at a small nest at the top). Someone told me they found an "Arrowhead Gecko" in that area, but I haven't found it yet.
I found a Blue Diva in the Ancient Forest just down the ramp of Camp 11.
Edit: Behind/above the canteen, not directly down the ramp. Sorry. You do have to go down the ramp to get to it though.
Three of the rare Molys of each area of the guiding lands are missing (I think they are called Mossy Moly, Fluffy Moly and Spiny Moly. The fourth one is the Rocky Moly).