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I'm so unlucky. Everytime I severe his tail i carve a dragon scale. Its so frustrating. I just get tails from rewards. BTW, the table could be updated.
It used to be the same for me. I believe you need to progress the story a little or something. I believe I stopped getting scales from the tail after I did some quest or something
Any tips for a glaive user
roll ur face across the keyboard/gamepad and laugh?
Don't do aerial attack to his front. You should manage to land aerial attacks on its wing and body for survivability until you manage to mount it. Watch its movement if you want to land on his tail or head. For starters get Pseudocath.
Any tips for a glaive main?
roll ur face across the keyboard/gamepad and laugh?
Don't be a*****on quests. This one guy just sat there and watched while I had to kill Nergigante. When he died the b**** took the rewards he didn't earn.
The party leader can kick people that are unwanted.
yeah but what if HE was the party leader?
I beat him on my first try with my lightning switch axe. You can't be too greedy with this guy, because he WILL ***** you! It's difficult to get used to his speed and how much he jumps around, but once you recognize the pattern, you can find openings to attack. Be patient, don't get greedy, and Jesus Christ don't get hit by that dive bomb!
Was grinding a tempered nergigante and on one run the *****ing stalactites on the ceiling of his nest killed him lmao.
Nergigante also only kills weak elder dragons if he sees healthy one he usualy flees
heh, an elder pukei pukei 4 sure then
of course, with a lot of spikes and without any color
His weapons all sound like they were named by a 15 year old lol
It would appear none of this has been updated with anything about archtempered nerg, which is unfortunate because I was hoping for maybe some more advanced insight that might help me not have to use up 3/4 of my item box only to scrape by with 2 faints and 8 minutes left. All the other archtempered elders are legitimately a fraction as difficult, and I can't tell if I'm doing something wrong or he's just that tough, although I guess his mechanics aren't that different from normal/tempered aside from AT taking only maybe 15 secs max to fully regenerate his spikes after they're broken. On top of having probably 3x normal health, more damage than tempered, and becoming and staying enraged from the time you first run into him until the end of the mission. Although seeing as all AT nerg's gear is pretty amazing and you get an ending teaser screen for the expansion after you beat him, I'm thinking maybe he's supposed to be like the last boss of the standard game. I hope so, because lord is he hard. In 270 hours and 125 HRs his mission is the only one I've ever lost by anything except mistakenly killing capture targets.
Nerg was difficult the first time I fought him, but he is nothing compared to tempered nerg
hoooo boi wait till you hit arch tempered.