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Easily the best weapon in the game if you have the right stats and gems. Just stupidly powerful. At 50 Strength and 99 Arcane with ~20% ATK up gems, I get 1023 AR. At those stats, the charged R2 beam is the highest damage you can do using a single bullet, even outdamaging the charged R2 arrow from Simon's Bowblade (with 50 Skill/50 Bloodtinge and 27% physical gems). A jumping attack can do over 2000 damage if both the blade and beam hits. The charged R2 plus the charged R2 followup has got to be the highest amount of damage you can do in the shortest time possible in the entire game (again, if both blade and beams hit). On top of all that, most enemies can be stunlocked to death with the L2. Even on NG+7 it slices through health bars like nothing. I'm convinced From put this into the game as a sort of "ultimate" endgame weapon as a reward for people who maxed everything out and want to feel like a god. Even at lower levels though, the amount of stunlock and burst damage is pretty ridiculous.
Anyone worth their salt running a quality build with a heavy abyssal on something quick like a saw cleaver will make you their ***** in around 3 hits and leave you humiliated as ***** dissipating into mist on the floor with your shiny dweeb sword.
Mensis etiquette is to shove a size D battery up every HMLS wielder's rectum and ask "Is there where the batteries for your fancy sword go?"
Good god this community is more cancerous than the fnaf and undertale communities in their prime combined
I have the right stats and gems. 50str 25 skl 50 arc and im at bl150. I have 992 AR and oh boy the charged R2s deal more damage than any other weapon Ive had
Honestly people, there’s more to the game than pvp... This thing wrecks arse in pve. If you’re so terrified of being inadequate keep a second weapon for pvp on hand, but don’t project your pvp insecurity on people using off-meta weapons.
What a bunch of edgelords. Seriously, who are you guys trying to impress with this weeaboo*****?
I really don't get why people are so hostile. Somebody stated the weapon does good dmg on the right build and it does. What about that is so intimidating that they feel the need to flaunt their inferiority complex in others faces?
Bandages on the blade ruins it for me. I mean, what's the point?
Some people thinks is to prevent the blood from dripping too much so that your hands won't slip.
Did you SEE how much Ludwig thrashed around in is 1st phase? Probably near fragile by now
Logic and reasoning aside, that’s kind of the game’s aesthetic. Rough hunters, worn weapons, and bandages wrapped around random things to put across the idea it is old and worn. Besides, the bandages aren’t actually on part of the blade that you cut with, unlike the saw cleaver...
In irl it is to help give you a grip when you are thrusting the weapon, it gives the person more leverage
To build on what Anon4 said, this is called half-swording, and it's a fairly common combat maneuver with certain greatswords.
It works pretty well with the Gascoigne's Gloves.
The "White surgical gloves" read "The intricate embroidery weaves a spell that protects their wearer." If this is true, it could be that the same is being applied here, and may be the source of its righteous bonus damage.
does anybody else get a devil may cry feeling from the claymore form of the blade
I love this sword. If I could have any Bloodborne weapon IRL, I think I'd choose this.
Just make sure you don't get drawn into become a giant abominable horse-beast-man while being guided by its Moonlight.
this weapon is disgusting in pvp, never seen anybody that uses this who doesnt r2 spam
Would be kinda fun to try a pvp match with it without R2'ing at all
Ah! The MLG is back! Loved this weapon since the King's Field days of FromSoft
hmls vs lhb with all 50's. which is better not counting gems.
there is no difference in stats of a weapon without the use of gems
What's the recommended build for the offensive stats (for level 120)? Currently I have 25 in Str and Arc while have 15 in skill (level 70). I've looked online but I don't really understand a lot of it.
50str 50arc
Can you get this without dlc? As in chalice hunting?
Just buy the dlc, its well worth the money. You get more story, a few extra places to explore, new weapons, armor sets, even another blood rock at the end.
What are the sources on the arcane damage modifiers? They seem... made up.