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This used to be a good weapon before getting nerfed, it wasn't really op at all. then a bunch of idiots who couldn't handle it in pvp had to complain to From Software about it and get it nerfed. Twice. After all the time and effort I've put into getting and upgrading it, it just isn't that good anymore. It doesn't even matter if it's just gonna be used for pve, the stat reduction still applies. I really feel I've ripped off of both money and time. So what I'm going to do is 'nerf' From Software. I won't be paying any money for any future From Software game I'm going to get (if From is going to make anything worth getting from this point onward.) That way at least, I can prevent getting ripped off money.
This weapon was OP. Stop lying. Curved swords are OP. I hope they nerf curved swords back out of existence.
Is this some kind of weird Dark Souls meme , or are you just being extreme salty and over reacting
don't want to insult you, but that sword is not the world. just because one weapom got nerved you don't have to try to boycott From. Also, I think you paid money for the game and not some curved sword. You just spent some materials on this weapon and I don't think it took you that long to have this thing upgraded. That being said, you can be as salty as you want but please, think before you beat up your keyboard
It seems this got a lot of idiotic and pathetic replies, not a surprise really, considering the types who're normally on this site. If the point wasn't already clear enough, let me make it so: I spent LOTS of time on this weapon (getting it, upgrading it and getting used to it's style) because the game made it seem like a wothwhile weapon for beating the game and to use in general. The point isn't about this weapon itself, it's about a game that requires one to put a LOT of effort to get some kind of reward, only to RIP IT OFF without ANY warning or one's consent. With any other game (or at least the games I usually play), I always feel safe that when I spend some time on something, I'll get to keep the reward permanantly. A game should never ROB a player of a reward they put a lot of time and effort to get. If a game has no respect for a player's time and effort, then there's certainly no reason not to use cheats nor any reason to pay for such a game. If I had known this game would do such a thing, I could've saved myself a lot of time (and money). This certainly is not the only OP weapon in the game, but (for some reason), only it got nerfed. Everyone who used something else might be wondering what's the deal about this weapon getting nerfed, but I'm sure everyone (or most) who used it feels the same way I do. And if you do, my point is: you're NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG FOR USING A CHEAT ENGINE OR GETTING THIS GAME FOR FREE. Treat this game (and developer) the same way it treated you.
Oh, and by style I meant play style, to clear any misunderstanding.
At the time of your comment, the nerf for the Carthus Curved Sword was 2 years ago, so might I ask why at the time complain about this weapon being nerfed when it was so long ago? Anyways, I find it rather extreme to refuse to buy any games from game developers for something as simple as making a single item (a weapon in this case) being not as effective. It isn't the only weapon viable for PVP, I get that having a weapon you like getting nerf sucks, especially cool looking weapons, but given how infamous this weapon was pre-nerf, I doubt you liked it for how it looks. Not to mention saying that cheat engine is ok for that reason alone. (also, Dark Souls is renowned for its difficulty, punishing players fairly harsh for death, especially in the first game, so your use of "treat others the same way they treat you" with this game falls flat here, as the punishment for errors is why people play the series in the first place). I'm sorry, but the only way I'm understanding your comment is that "my weapon isn't as powerful in PVP anymore, REEEEEEEEEEEE", though I guess that's because I'm an idiot right? Everyone who disagrees with you obviously don't watch Rick & Morty. I mean for Gwyn's sake, by your logic, we should boycott every weapon that isn't on par with top tier weapons in PVP, such as the Firelink Greatsword. Which is rather a shame, given that it's the final boss weapon of the main game, and with the lore of this weapon as being used by the Soul of Cinder, the incarnation of EVERY Lord of Cinder that had link the First Flame and, personally, looks so cool!
This is why you proof read kids. What I meant to type at "boycott every weapon" was "for every weapon that isn't top tier in PVP, we should boycott that many From Software games" Great way to add a bit of irony (***** me). At least now I can add, why complain about just this weapon alone? Even if you +10 this weapon, you can get the souls and materials back from a quick NG run, and just upgrade another top tier weapon. But if you just want a viable curved sword, Demon's Scar and Sellsword Twinblades are right up your alley (both of which in my opinion have are more fun to use, Demon's Scar for it being perfect for pyromancers, and the Sellsword Twinblades for its elegant moveset and combo potential).
I got your point. Though I didn’t use this weapon, it must have been fristraring
A weapon that should have been nerfed out of pvp is Lothric knight f***ing straight sword. Wouldn't miss it for a second.
Heheh. What a child-like overreaction to a single weapon getting nerfed. Just because one weapon isn't "oP MeTa" anymore doesn't devalue the entire game. And you even attempt to use this patch to justify cheating, which is absolutely absurd. I personally understand why it got nerfed, best moveset in the game (curved swords) on top of unparriable attacks and OP bleed. I too grinded out this weapon. The difference between us was that I didn't completely overreact and whine about it.
This sword should be called "Tryhard Miyasaki"
I think the sharp scaling got changed. Sharp at +0 raises the dex scaling to a B right from the start now.
Still a great weapon nowhere near the level of try hard people make it out to be
RIP the legend, it has been 2 years and in a game now dominated by 1 handed straight sword r1's and rampant unpunishable rolling, your unique attributes have been sorely missed.
If after three years you still can't parry straight-sword R1 spam and you still don't know how to roll-catch, the problem is you.
Roll catching is my aesthetic
The dark and chaos infusions give you A/A scaling at +10.
It takes 18 strength.
No it does not
If there would be a mod to undo any nerfs while keeping the buffs.....i would gladly take a ban. It makes no sense that even a scimitar is more powerfull than this now. Its not just this wespon. I guess fashion souls applys to weapons as well. Besides, the sharp gem turns anything into insanity anyway so......still a very decent weapon. Not as OP as the two twinblades, but that might actually be a good thing.
These twerps whining about their OP meta weapon getting balanced. Folks, the damage got nerfed to balance its reach, which is awesome, and its speed, which is only slight less awesome. It was indeed too powerful before when it had top-of-class damage at a modest weight *and* great reach *and* bleed proc *and* fast attack animations *and* one of the best running-atacks in the game *and* an unparryable weapon-art. You can whine about straight-swords now, but never at any point have straight-swords had that quite that many things going for them. Carthus Curved Sword was cancer. Now it's not. Get over yourselves.
*****I even forgot to note it was and still is easy-mode at roll-catching.
Except they nerfed it's damage, bleed build up, swing speed and range (less than scimitar). They went scorched earth.
It's definitely balanced for pvp. Incredible pve as well, seriously, it can and will melt bosses like oceiros or gravetender. Unfortunately, nobody looks for a balanced weapon for PvP, and i must say it's kind of comparable to a LKSS in terms of reliability. Take that as you will, it's definitely good, but not EZmode