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Does Velkhana have a gender or is it genderless?
Every monster have gender, but Velkhana gender wasn't mentioned.
Well, I wouldn't be suprised if things like Khezu were genderless lmao but at least 99% monster species have both genders lore wise, just some are confirmed to apperar with only the same, single one all the time in game (like Gammoths in Gen/GenU are female for example) and the other may have such noticeable sexual dimorphism that each gender is treated as a different monster like in case of "Raths" for example. No info in case of Velkhana tho.
Velkhana is Female. She is a Female elder dragon same as Namielle
Wait, can it drop Large Elder Dragon Gems, or is it the only one that cant?
Don't forget your Ice Res+3
Velkhana will be a fun fight
Does elderseal effect Velkhana ?
Three stooges on the ground but no has to focus me above everything else, lovely. And running is still the dumbest form of attack, 800 armor 20 ice res, and RUNNING, TAKES HALF MY HEALTH WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS DRAGON
Any advice for the Velkhana fight? I use longswords and greatswords so I need a little advice.
do we Know anything lore wise about this elder dragon