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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

The buff doesn't show on character sheet. This set is broken
It wouldn't show on your character sheet because its damage done, no weapon/spell damage.
It's not going to show on damage sheet. It procs based off the damage you have and increases it by 8% when you deal it. Learn before commenting
Sets that give named buffs, like this one, generally show on the buff list of the character screen. Shalk, Pirate Skeleton, Dreugh King Slayer, etc.
It's very possible that, at the time of their posting, it was bugged, or the UI was bugged.
Make sure you have your facts straight before shooting someone down like they're a fool, or risk looking like a fool yourself.
does this add up to a dreugh king slayer set with 20% extra dmg so that 20% plus these 8%?
I was curious myself did you ever find this out
Dont use dreugh king you should take maj brutality from weapon power potion


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Now you can see the buff on your chararcter sheet as a pasive.