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This thot not only sacrifice herself, shes then resurrect and cast lava, be aware!!
WTFf?!?! I finally saved Gwydian and she didn't give any source training! What did I do wrong?
Nobody bothered to mention anywhere she's surrounded by electric if you walk in and open the items near here you'll just get instantly killed, no dialogue warning, no indication it's going to happen. Lost my honour mode save because of this stupid NPC.
I was playing as Sebille with Ifan as companion, and I decided to kill Hannag since she helped annihilate the elves. I was level 13 or 14 and had a devil of a time killing her because of all the Void Portals she conjures on her turn. I had no good way to deal with them since they keep spawning void monsters and appear to only be vulnerable to magic (and the portals maybe keep respawning?) Maybe you just have to defeat Hannag's resurrected form, but she conjures instakill lava. Anyway, I managed to avoid all that. Sebille is has high wits and initiative, so she went before Hannag. I used Adrenaline and Flesh Sacrifice to give her enough AP and chipped off Hannag's relatively low physical armor. Then I turned her into a chicken. (LOVE that spell!) I kept her as a chicken with abilities and scrolls so she could never conjure the portals and respawn. Dead and deader.
I did the same as Sebille. My buddy and I comboed a silence with a lightning bolt to keep her from spawning *****ing lava over our heads. We remembered the entire game from level 7 or so to 14 how she killed us and cost us hundreds for trying to help her during the first encounters. Thanks for the source training %#$#$