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Ok I got tier 3 but you have to kill rom in depth 5 frc a million times throwing knife only naked no quickstepping.
Tier 3 is fake, friend went though game files nothing on a third guidance rune another troll move by Miyazaki
Oh yeah, you friend seems to be super-pro to be able to dig into encrypted PS files lol
Apparently, those guys coded the rune into the game themselves :D
Guidance +3 doesn't exist in game files. There's an entry for +1, +2, but no +3.
Someone far smarter than I has delved into the actual item values below to prove it.
Well the item actully exists in the game files but it isn't in any of the droptables so its sadly just unaquireble. One can still obtain it trough hacking thou.
I found the third guidance rune.
do you have a picture? I would love to see it
Glyph, or it didn't happen.
NOPE! :)
You can tell me how? Psn: Don Domenico Oh yeah and you others can, laugh about me. I doesn't care. I've nothing to loose
Eu liguei para a Sony e me disseram para fazer o gesto canalizar em frente ao cerebelo de olhos ... fica a informação para a terceira runa orientação
Useless rune
as your comment, indeed
keep wanting to think that, as some kind of twisted joke, the day before the release of Shadows Die Twice, From will put out an update file for Bloodborne that puts the third rune on an actual drop table, thereby truly freeing people from this nightmare I blame Micolash for all of this
"You shall never find your eyes now! OOOOOOHHHHHH!" Micolash you bastard.
What does this rune even do?
It literally says right at the top of the page..... 'Boost rally potential by +10%, +20% and +30%'
Rally potential is the amount of health you gain back from attacking an enemy right after you lose health.
Learn to read.