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This weapon thanks to flame arc and the obvious 4 rings (fynn, fire clutch, hornet, red tearstone)is born for sl1
Which attack from the dagger considered thrust attack? Possibly E2 attacks?
got my first player parry yesterday with a +10 chaos dagger with the hornet ring, loyd's sword ring, and it literally melted him...time for fun
I also found out it can apparently stun lock someone ahhhhhhhhh I'm such filth :'D
Description is wrong...only thing that rivals chaos dagger critical damage is Chaos Exile Curved Greatsword and the Chaos Greatsword...
As much as parrying is fun and satisfying as hell to pull off, I feel as if one(?) shotting somebody because a mistake is a bit unfair to the opponent, especially in the arena. (If anyone is scummy enough to do that)
I completly agree
Is the chaos riposte still the best or does dark do better now?
I did some testing and dark appears to be better