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I have been having trouble lately with being a watchdog, whenever I get summoned, its always this guy and a phantom that gang up on me. The other phantom is always there and they have never attacked each other Is this some sort of unknown PVP etiquette kinda thing or something else?
And for anyone wondering, I'm not a big PVP guy, a good duel every now and then is fun and all but I just want to have fun in PVP without running meta builds (Like the exile great sword with dark infusion). So are there also any tips for me aside from meta builds? (If it helps any, my current build is kinda all around focused but I neglect luck, intellect and faith and my current weapon is a +5 sword of wolnir)
Some people fight-club in in the Cruc Woods. It's very annoying if you're trying to grind Swordgrass. If you run in and attack the Host of Embers of a fight-club in progress, some phantoms present might defend the host, while other phantoms present may just watch passively. Fight-clubs generally don't want the Host to die, for obvious reasons.
Pvp is broken in all souls games: I get stabbed in the back by people 30 feet in front of me, I get hit with attacks 10 feet past their weapons hitbox and can’t riposte sometimes after a parry.... They need to fix this***** for elden ring, *****in aggravating.
And before you say it’s my computer: I have a 2080 ti, an i9 8core processor and a 200mb/sec internet connection and I don’t have this problem in other online games...
help i am penalized and cannot summon anyone. can someone help. i stuck on aldrich. lvl 43
same author here. forgot to mention i am on pc. dont friend me either.