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Lmao I got the villain tag when facing Lohse's demon and used lightning storm and it broke all the chairs and gave me the tag... It is I destroyer of furniture FEAR ME
Got my Villain tag after consuming the Sallow Man's source, like uuuuuummm he's gross? Only other thing I did out of that list is kill Ryker after completing his quest, and consuming Source from souls that were horrible people. Guess I'm evil now.
Consuming source from souls is inherently evil, be it from good or bad people. You basically condemn them to eternal damnation, and not even the most evil being deserves this fate. The game tells you about that on several occasions.
I got it after useing the hero tag to stop ryker ritual and then consumed his sorce, i was so suprised by it that i imidetly quick loaded and redid the fight, not consumeing him this time, because i tought that i would lose my hero tag.
Suddenly got the Villain tag after killing a group of White Magisters, Weaponized Monks, a Silent Watcher and some brainwashed Black Ring members. What. Might be because I said I was their reinforcements and then attacked them while they were neutral..?
Taking my mask off as Fane on the ship triggers the windego fight early. This combined with the fact that I am killing all npc's and pets who have been looted and are no longer quest relevant must have nabbed me this relatively quickly - by the time I got to Verdas, i had it :P