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So I have a noob question, I accidently upgraded my uchigatana with lightning. Took away my scaling. Is the damage it gives raw damage or does mu level 40 dex make any luck of difference.
Omg auto correct My* Lick*
Elemental gems split your damage into physical and the chosen element. Heavy gems are for Strength, Sharp for Dex and Refined for a hybrid of both. Raw gems remove scaling entirely, which has it's uses sometimes. There are two types of each elemental gem, the late game version adding scaling. Lightning for example adds a Faith scaling.
Just go to Andre and reinfuse it sharp or whatever, it will over ride the other. Alternatively you can use a shivering stone to remove the current infusion without applying a new one.
What is the best dex weapon?
Twinblades like the sellswords or onikiri and ubidachi with sharp infusion are always good
Does anyone know how much casting speed is increased per point of dexterity? Or is it more like casting speed is increased in intervals of 5 dexterity?
When it says [1 point of Dexterity gives an increase of 0.4 to all defenses and 0.2 to all resistances(deprived)] Is that saying only if you start the deprived class or something?
Starting from 10 Dexterity, that's what the increase is.