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Having beaten Manus just now (lv72, my stats are a mess since first time... 27 vitality, 28 endurance, 32 dex, using Gold Tracer+4 and Balder Shield+10, Guardian Helm, Black Iron Armor, Guardian Gauntlets, Guardian Leggings, Cloranthy Ring, Havel's Ring), here are my notes for dealing with this guy. Beat him with 6 Estus remaining from a starting 10. The main issue is dealing with his distorted hurtbox and janky hitboxes, and not getting impatient. Note that these are for Remaster, which appears to have some slight differences based on information presented here (like getting critical damage off his hand).
Apparently the wiki doesn't allow pastebin links, so I'll just dump the info directly... MANUS Hand smash: overhead wind up, has hand spread on the ground. There is no tell if he's going to follow up or remain stuck (he can cancel the 'pull back but hand is stuck' animation). Fist smash: little wind up, same as hand smash but is a fist. No recovery. Catalyst smash: overhand wind up, opposite side. No recovery. Windshield wiper: slaps hand across his body, then back again. No recovery. Can do this starting in either direction, and he can do them as single attacks as well. The Chain: potential five-hit combo incorporating all of the above, ends with hand smash or either abyssal attack. Note that if he does anything (even walking one step) between attacks the 'counter' will reset, so you may have to deal with repeated 3-4 hit combos with no chance of retaliation. Pancake Press: big windup, long range, vertical sweep. Roll LEFT to avoid, hitbox is distorted on right. Can technically be blocked, depending on the hitbox. Prefer avoiding, can cause hitbox bug. No free attacks afterwards despite lengthy recovery because the hand's hurtbox doesn't match the model at all. Secret bossbusting technique: if you're close enough, this can be front rolled, giving you 2-3 free hits that are reliable. The Twist: Used when you are behind him. Hits with his hand all around his back and turns to face you. Blockable, backrollable. No recovery Pounce: leaps low and smashes with both hands. During the leap, Manus' body has a hitbox which does low health damage but MASSIVE STAMINA DRAIN if you block it, so you want to roll early, but he can also turn in midair if you roll too early. Roll to the LEFT unless you started displaced on the right. If you are locked on, this attack may de-lock you during Manus' recovery. Recovery is fairly high. Jump: leaps high and smashes with whole body. Block and back away until the last second, then roll to the side. If you are close to him when he begins the jump, the camera will cause you to roll in a tight circle on the spot and take massive damage. The camera WILL ALWAYS de-lock during this attack, but when it de-locks seems to be random (can be as early as the initial jump to as late as Manus' recovery). Try to get one hit in only. Abyssal Uppercut: Pulls left hand back, then uppercuts across his body. Does massive damage if it connects, but is blockable. Never follows up, so you're safe if it guard breaks you or makes you leap back/roll backwards. Can be backrolled but you don't get anything out of it. Abyssal Sweep: Done at long range usually (can come out at close range). Does massive damage, but is blockable (can cause guard break/guard roll easily). Backrollable, but he'll usually do it again. Frenzy: Roars, then deals 5 hits in a row. Being hit by any part of it will juggle you (like Gwyn), so you'll take the rest of the combo. If for some reason you are already on the ground, all hits can otg you, ignoring invulnerability (same as Artorias' somersault). Block while backing up to escape it (the tell makes it obvious). Dark Rain: Potentially evadable by moving back+left while guarding, or you can backroll repeatedly. Magic has terrible hitboxes so prefer rolling early. Dark Wave: Back up as soon as you see him start casting any magic (this will also set you up for Rain/Circle), then cast Silver Pendant as soon as he moves his staff flat. Dark Circle: cast Silver Pendant as soon as the orbs you can see hit the ground. Estus Usage: After evading Pounce or Jump. During last 3 hits of Frenzy if you are out of range. Hitbox Bug: if you get displaced inside Manus' distorted hand during his pancake press, the move can hit you multiple times in one frame, instantly eating your lifebar. Other: Manus' hurtbox is, much like your average Dark Souls player, wide and shallow. Therefore, attacking him from the front is likely to whiff (his hand in particular has an extremely distorted hurtbox, making it difficult to hit reliably and easy to see your attacks pass clean through the model without dealing damage). This can occur even if you are under his upper body. Manus' attacks with his left hand do partly magic damage. If your magic defense is high enough, you can completely block them even if your shield isn't 100% magic (tested with Balder Shield +10 and 225 Magic Def). Possibly Remaster-exclusive, attacking Manus' left hand does not deal extra damage, despite the different sound effect. You can try casting Create Light anytime there's a safe spot to use Estus; he's much easier to keep track of when he's not mostly hidden in shadow. Hand hitbox is extremely distorted. If facing Manus, all attacks with his left hand have a much wider hitbox on your right side than your left, therefore prefer backrolling horizontal attacks and leftrolling vertical attacks. Don't summon Sif. Manus can switch attacks mid-target and suddenly swivel 90+ degrees in the middle of his attack startup frames, so Sif being a 'distraction' makes things harder for you, since you have to react on a tighter time. Reaching Manus if you're grinding him out: Township bonfire, run back through the colosseum, trigger the elevator down to the caves, run right around the Giant Humanity and take the slope down, sprint until you're near where it starts levelling out (to avoid the Giant Humanity on the upper ledge that will try to fall on you), walk up so you can backstab the Sorceress (may drop Green titanite Shard), run down pillar, cast Create Light at bottom, run forward through caves, slide left down both slopes (not at the first place you can go left, but the second) to reach the fog gate without taking damage.
The Chasm Cheese method still works as of Jan. 1, 2019. It still shows his health depleting and all. Just make sure to bring enough arrows & repair powder. Feather arrows are best.


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I've just cheesed him today
Biggest mistake people make with DS bosses is fighting them. You didn't come to fight you come to slaughter. NG+ and beyond is a bit different but on NG all you need 25-30vit 25-30end 32str 18dex. BKH or BKGS +5 and BK shield. Personally i am a big fun of halberd. All easy farmable after gates to Gwen was open if you wasn't lucky to get it earlier. Put on full havel take a shield and a weapon and proceed smacking big ugly on every opening. Block, gulp estus and use medallion when necessary. 2-3 minutes fight. Ring of favor and Cloranthy Ring. You weight is irrelevant as long as it is not above absolute limit. In worst case scenario use mask of the father and remember no dodging. Fat roll will kill you. Actually same strategy on NG applies to 4 kings, Nito just use blessed weapon instead of BKH and Artorias. No skill besides well timed chugging required.
Jeez dude i should really thank you, just did it in full Havel + cloranthy/Havel ring and black knight halberd. I usually wear elite knight cause i hate fat roll but this time i didnt really stand a chance. Not even zweihander could save me and it was my fastest heavy weapon (with a decent range). I was really pissed off and started looking for white signs, thank Gwyn I didnt find em, then i read your comment and remembered the Black knight weapons i farmed yesterday/today. Man that halberd is pure magic, strong like a tank and not particulary slow. "She" sure gained that +5 upgrade reward. So i want to thank you again, you made my day sir, mine and Sif's, cause it was doggo who actually finished him off. Yeah the doggo stopped the abyss and saved the princess. PRAISE THE DOGGO



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You cannot spell Manus without anus.
This puts a smile on my face
Well it certenly is dark down there...
No wonder he lives in a black hole.
with that ****** combo he uses id say he earned the title
F u c k this boss. F*** it. Hardest***** in the game.
This boss is so *****ing frustrating to fight but killing him felt SO GOOD. I think overall it was a good fun fight, just ridiculously frustrating.
if u play melee its should be cake walk, if u use mage good *****ing luck
I managed to kill him on my second attempt with soul spears.
How the ***** do you avoid that stupid *** combo, jesus christ
He "roars" before the attack, this gives you time to roll back few times to be safely out of reach. Also ih you space it well you can easily get a few hits in after the last ground pound
When you have an opening just take a single hit and back off on the defensive. Should give you time to backroll when he roars
Oh my *****ing god finally beat him on NG+ (13 deaths) first time playing I died like 25 time pecouse I just couldn't dodge his dark moves. (didn't know about the silver pendant back then)
Only 25 times? It’s taken me many more and I haven’t even got to his dark attacks. (This might have to do with the fact that I have a non existent build though)
Only 25? It’s taken me more times than that and I haven’t even gotten to the dark magic
gargoyle halberd +15, leo ring, grass crest shield and full havels made this boss surprisingly easy