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Great boss. His attacks look like they'd hurt, and they do. He carries weight. He's threatening. He constantly keeps you paying attention to see if he'll continue his combo or cut it short. The butterflies in the 2nd phase a bunch of***** though.
His helmet seems like more of a tribute to Lucus imo
Typo, Locus
+5 Vordts great hammer Whoops his ***
Can someone please tell me how to deal frost I’ve it’s my first run through and up until now I’ve just been using my long sword and Estus are there any items that deal frost
Irithyll Straight Sword. Dropped by Outrider Knight in the Undead Settlement zone, located at the bottom of the elevator shaft that hosts Siegward of Catarina just before the Road of Sacrifices.
There is also the frost buff spell, but it requires some intelligence investment and a DLC
Oceiros' frost spell. Transpose his soul for it. It requires 50 INT though.
Lol he just throws me off...
Ng+5? Lothric war banner. Great chaos fire orb, buffing rings did it for me. Damn butterfly's kept killing me
They actually spell armour correctly with this boss.... I wonder why