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I m pretty sure table has wrong values.. I remember it being a B in dex and S in int with simple infusion.
Actually the simple infusion indeed gives B for dex and S for int. However its damage is still lower than crystal even though the letters in crystal are C and A respectively. Even tested it for 60 dex and 60 int and still crystal is better. I suppose the simple will surpass the crystal on very high attributes like 99/99 dex/int which is silly. Perhaps a flaw in the design of this weapon, or a good example why a letter in scaling doesn't always reveal everything?


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I'm late but basically it's a cheap way F.S to augment Scaling and mechanics on each weapon rather than have a consistancy across types/classes which is both good for tweaks but misleading
For those confused about simple and crystal scaling, simple DOES have better scaling, but has less base. so its kind of like yorshkas chime, where even though its scaling is 50% better then other miracle catalysts, it will be weaker until much more investment is made. but the damage difference between crystal and simple is minor at high stats.
Makes for a decent twink weapon. Buffing it with a gold bundle and catching someone with the weapon art can deal upwards of 500 damage on just a +1 reinforcement. Also since it's a thrusting sword and has low recovery on the r1s it's quite hard to get punished by big weapons.
twink builds are for no skill *** who cant win properly
How does the WA work with pontiffs rings?



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How did you know my current build?
Pretty decent on a dark build
everything is good on a dark build lol
this with literally any buff on a sharp infusion shreds things, if you can land the WA. like seriously my CMW version does over 1k damage vs heavily armored players, its a beast...... if you can land it. lol
Something i noticed is that the weapon art does WAY more damage when the weapon is buffed, not very surprising considering the amount of hits, but a jump from 400 damage to 1000 is shocking for me. Im not sure if infusions count as flat damage, like dark or crystal, but ill test it out and see if the damage is really high or not. Also this weapon can buffed by onyx blade, unlike other rapiers, so thats nice.
for my griffith build, this or scimtar? (I wanna do NOTHING WRONG when making the build)