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this weapon against boss is absolutely **** AMAZING. lightning infused scimitar gets S scaling for faith and B for dex, RIP lothric and soul of cinder
According to the upgrade table lighting infused should only give A scaling for faith and C scaling for dex. Does the table need to be updated?
Any of you see those warriors from Hammerfell?...
They have curved swords. Curved. Swords.
They have curved *****es. Curved. *****es!
It's pretty better with dark infusion because AA, but lightning and sharp are overall good options
This thing has the phantom range of a goddamn spear.
This weapon is available right from the start, and a thief can wield one with no investment. A weapon to consider if you select thief, at least for a while.



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This little scaling beast!
Holy***** this weapon is a beast. Now what are the flaws with curved swords? - low to average damage - pathetic range -most of the R2’s can only work as a mediocre mixup every once in a while. -sometimes difficult to exert pressure. Now, what the pros? -really fast -low stamina -consumption -safe on whiff most of the time - absurd punish game - R O L L I S B A D N O W. and that’s all it needs
for my griffith build, this or richards rapier? (I wanna do NOTHING WRONG when making the build)
Scimmy and dark hand -wO
Very good with heavy infusion! I'm almost level 70 and can now get vordt down to 50% health in under 5 minutes!