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I have no idea how to get the "Complete a rehearsal" part of this. No matter what happens I only ever get the first two requirements. I know the other special photos often have weird conditions attached to them, is it the same for this one?
It seems there are multiple different places they can spawn on the map, and they can spawn with two different performances/animations. If one of the lynians falls over during the rehearsal, then they will always fail the rehearsal. If they both synchronise, it will always be a succesful rehearsal and you get the three stars. It's possible you have to take a picture of them doing a failed rehearsal, leave the area, then come back a second time before the succesful performance happens and then you can take the new picture and get three stars.
I came back back after a failed performance and they were still failing the second time so maybe it's just random whether they fail or not.
Had trouble with this too. Swapped my Palico to use Coral Orchestra and it suddenly worked. Could be coincidence of course.