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Does killing him count as a betrayal to Alvina?
No, Sif is a required boss and does not affect the storylines of any covenants.


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Tin Crystalization Catalyst + Crown of Dusk + Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring + Homming Crystal Soulmass + Crystal Soul Spear = bye Sif
sif was announced as a legendary pokemon in sword/shield.
first thing i thought, literally. "...this *****ing legendary is Sif, change my mind"
If I Killed Sif when I first met him , purchasing the crest of Artorias key item , went to Sif and killed him , will I be able to rescue Sif at Chasmof the Abyss and get his help with Manus ?!!?!
Yes it takes place in the past before you kill him
What you're referring to only affects a cutscene. Do it the other way around next time to get a cutscene extension. Gameplay-wise I don't think it matters at all.
pet the good boye to death with tears in your eyes
I walked with no armor a drake sword and the great chaos orb, workef out pretty gud
a very good doggo that did not need to die, but she did. Imminent tears...
Can or is the an mpc summ to help with this boss
I can on ps4
Once you kill Artie and then kill Manus, THIS fight gets really sad and awkward. You will feel bad for being forced into what you have to do to Sif, cause you literally just helped him in the past.