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Don't stand too close to the tree when killing the last foe, it will trigger the advocate and his allies to attack you.
If you tell Jahan you won't kill the advocate he attacks you. It is impossible to win this fight as he is level 20
You can kill Jahan (equalize, lava, ...), grants a lot of experience.
I killed him with a solo character at level 14. No prob.
Ok, so I didn't know that if you kill the black ring dudes before talking to him he gives you nothing.
If you initiate the fight at the right time you can catch the four black ring...whatevers while they are linked to one another so you only have to hurt two of them to kill the other two it makes the fight a lot easier. Also starting the fight from the opposite end of the pain weaver that speaks to you buys you some time before the brute can make their way over and when they do if you can teleport them away while you finish off who ever is left standing.
Coming up behind the brute and teleporting him as far away from the encounter as possible will make him leave combat and be able to be killed whenever you want. Making the fight fairly easier.
I managed to cheese him with deathfog (not with the deathfog barrel trick from game start). There is a small cloud of deathfog at one side of the broken bridge, you can transpose it to the other side of the bridge (quicksave each time you manage to transpose it to one "tower" as it's heavily glitched and sometimes the cloud just disappear). Once you managed to transpose it, bring the advocate by teleporting him (he won't attack you right away) : Teleport him once with a character, talk to him with another, teleport the advocate on the deathfog, ends the conversation. You win.
Like most of this game and it's battles, Summons are your saving grace. I teleported the Bone Golems far away to the east behind the trees, then blocked the routes with Bone Widow Spiders, too many things in this game are undead that love poison, so Angry Flower summon is frequently a big mistake. Sure is a flaw in the game, as is trying to have Fane on your team, he gets attacked with healing spells that can wreck him, and only a couple of team-"healing" spells actually won't hurt him (the spreading Heal spell actually bypasses him, like all group healings should do so that you don't injure or kill Fane). Other than that, the tree battle was fairly easy, just attack from the back side and that helps too.


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necromancer spells heal undead dude
Keeping Fane alive is certainly a nuisance. On the other hand, Deathfog has no effect on him, which is handy.
In my game, the Advocate died fighting the voidwokens spawning after I successfully persuaded him to tell me his boss' name. This closed all his related quests including this quest, without giving me the XP. I got to the island at lvl 9 by jumping on the invisible bridge (it's on the minimap and usable without Spirit Vision).
I realize that they aren't paying much attention to the Black Ring Destroyer that was being summoned. I snuck near it and teleported it away. I then drained its source, so the corpse became inert and could no longer be resurrected. That takes it out of the fight and makes it much easier. It's win win because you don't get xp for killing him and he's a bullet sponge. Not only that, but he has permanent evasion aura which makes the fight feel unfair if you don't remove him.
Did the same, however, draining the corpse did not prevent reviving the destroyer for me. I teleported the destroyer pretty far away (as you have increased teleporting range on the staircase for the lower terrain), drained it, and did the same for the magister who stands nearby the destroyer. As I teleported him to the same place he instantly revived the destroyer from the leftover mush on the ground. So I think it is more about range. Just teleport the destroyer to the left, the mage to the right, and everything should be fine.
I didn’t meet The Advocate until after I’d killed all the Black Ring members almost immediately after my arrival, now I’m doing the island’s quests and the NPCs that aren’t ghosts all say ‘leave’, be careful.