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It looks like its part of Kosm’s spine I think
from-kun please produce another game that has the final boss of the dlc in a cutscene where it is literally*****ting on the orphan of kos and looking right at you
Just another suggestion in case you are struggling and nothing seems to work: Increase your vitality (40 is good) and level up until you hit 120 or so (for the flat defense bonus). It completely changed the fight for me, I was level 101 with 30 VIT, after grinding for 2 hours in Ailing Loran I was 125 with 40 VIT and I could tank one extra hit. Obviously I'm talking about NG, on NG+ I don't really know if you can brute force the fight this way. Other random tips: Always dodge sideways and towards him, you might end up behind him and get a free backstab (use Augur of Ebrietas, it IS worth the investment even if you don't use arcane). Use a fast weapon (Kirk/Ludwig swords are good but don't go slower than that), and don't be afraid of spamming 2-3 hits if he's open. Finally, don't give up. If you reached this point in the game, there's no way you can't beat this guy, you just have to learn how to react to his attacks. I think he's a fun fight despite everything, he reminded me a lot of Gael from DS3, I'd say he's even better since Gael was a lot more unfair in his final phase.
Parry is awesome for this fight. I beat him on my 4 try and pretty much just erased most of his life bar by parrying. Though i might have been lucky cause he mostly used physical attacks in his second phase which made it easier.
Amazing boss fight, just what ypu could expect for final boss. My second favourite just after lady maria fight
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