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For those struggling with the boss and looking for a cheesy way out - a solution I found elsewhere on the internets, credits to Maarfy: "Storyteller's Staff, a sorcery staff that drops from those corvians that spray poison (best farmed from the Halfway Fortress bonfire, run behind up the stairs). The weapon art of the staff inflicts what is technically the poison status, as it uses the same buildup bar and status "slot" as poison. The difference is, poison inflicted by this staff and only this staff in particular does damage as a percentage of the enemy's health. Instead of 3 damage per tick, you can score 40+ on a boss - and it stacks with toxic! Requires 12 INT to use. It's what I always reach for when I need Gundyr to go away but I don't feel like trying (and many others)."
i just beated the***** out of this ***** with only my fists, who is the champion now gundy? More like CHUMP
Only disliking because you didn’t say Chumpion Gundyr it was so easy
This comment gave me cancer
Reskin boss done freaking right..!! I love the fight so much...
easy even without the sword master he just jumps over you and charges past you then rests
2nd gimmick boss fight I have seen other than Deacons of the Deep.
Epic cheese: dung pies and parries Lo
Every 2nd phase in any bosses: Pulls a magical anime power-up out of his *** because there is nothing else left the boss could throw at you. Gundyr 2nd phase: Starts trying.
Ocerios 2nd phase: Discards useless cereal box wand
Soul of the lord second phase too
According to statistics gathered by players Gundyr isn't really weak to Strike as all his physical absorb stats fit within 15-21%. The elemental resistances also all fall between 5-12% except Lightning which is -12% and thus an actual weakness. His Frost resistance is 148 so that is really a weakness as well.
try fighting him while listening to the pillar men theme "Awaken" as soon you enter the boss room, then you are approaching him instead of running away (yes, Jojo's reference)
Ah, multiple attacks that are effectively one hit kills and occur too fast for a human to react to. Who greenlit this*****?