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Where is the ring I can't find it
In the Kitchen, near the table of the second room. You need enough Wit to notice a loose floorboard. If you can't click on it hold Alt.
Hold Alt in the kitchen, its under a loose floorboard
in the same kitchen in a secrect spot u need wits to find him
If you speak to Stewart (the elf outside the tavern) you get 3,000 exp,
if you report to him after killing Wyvlia and say that you haven't reported it Magister Carver yet, he will go and report it instead.
When you talk to magister carver afterwards you will get 10,000 exp but no reward.
If you talk to Stewart and tell him you've already reported it and got the reward then he'll just become depressed
(not tested but letting Stewart take credit might have some benefits later on)
when reporting to carver make sure to use a human character (preferably with the soldier tag) as u get a better reward
If there is anyone who actually had benefits later on with that elf please note it. I feel sorry for him even tho he was a Magister.
Cant find Higba, which barrel is he hiding in?
If you report the cook to Magister Carver as an Elf, you only get common items to choose from as your reward. As Fane, I tuned in this quest using human form and the reward items were rare instead. I didn't try any other races, and I don't recall whether or not the gold value differed.
I can confirm this.
If you want to solve this quest that the ghost of Magister Harrick rest and save Magister Bellworth from certain death, u shud do as follow : take the magister ring but dont confront the cook or inform Mgister Carver yet because that either will cause Bellworth death or the cook will take the ring from you make you unable to give the ring to Carver, so the ghost cant rest. Instead after u get the ring, pickpocket the note from the cook then confront and kill her. This way u both save the cook and let the ghost have her rest
Save the cook by confronting and killing her, or did you mean save Bellworth?
oh man, that magister wannabe elf is a joke lol
Too pathetic lol
there should be a reward for NOT turning in the cook. she's doing the world a favor.
I'd agree with you, but I draw the line at feeding people to unsuspecting tavern goers. I dislike the magisters, but that's messed up.
"she's doing the world a favor."

Didin't you mean to say Flavor ;-) ?
You can. But to get quest credit and for it to be marked as "closed" you HAVE to kill carver. It'll automatically give you 5k exp, and you can loot his body. Wylvia will have a special remark about the magisters investigating her being dead. It's an unorthodox way of doing it but ya.
I don't mind the cook killing the magisters, but feeding them to everyone else is just too much.